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Etherpad is an open source, real-time, collaborative document editing tool that the IndieWebCamp community often uses to take notes during IndieWebCamps at

How to take notes during IndieWebCamp

  • Each event should have a main etherpad that the organizers will announce.
  • During session scheduling, each session should have a hashtag. Use that hashtag to add a link in the main etherpad, following the format:
  • Open the link to that session's etherpad.
    • If the etherpad has not been used before, copy/paste the template below to start it.
    • Otherwise, if the etherpad has been used before, leave "archived notes" to previous sessions at the top, enter a few blank lines at the top, then copy/paste the template.
  • Fill in the IndieWebCamp city, year, and participants names/URLs. Note the session facilitator beside their name.
  • Start taking notes collaboratively under the "Notes" heading.
    • Use * for bulleted lists
    • Use # for numbered lists
    • Avoid indenting for nested lists, instead use multiple, e.g. ** is a second-level bullet

Etherpad Template

IndieWebCamp [city] [year]
Session: [name]
When: [start time]

== Participants ==
* [facilitator name and url] (session faciliator)
* ...add names and URLs

== Notes ==
* ...add notes


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