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Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan has a website which is built using Pelican and hosted at GitHub. He also has a microblog at a Mastodon instance with which is a work-in-progress towards POSSE. See for more details.

IndieWeb implementation

  • On 2019-11-18 I made a commit to use a subdomain instead of the original URL.
  • On 2019-12-04 started a pull-request to get the static website talking using indieauth, micropub and webmentions
  • On 2020-03-26 I implemented a planet page generated from an OPML file and using a pelican plugin [1]. The webpage is also configured to be rebuild regularly as a cron job using GitHub Actions CI. See [2] and the end-result: [3]
  • On 2020-03-31 I executed a semi-automatic POSSE using cURL [4].

What works so far

What I would like to do