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Jonathan Neal

Jonathan Neal is a frequent dreamer and currently employed somewhere. He helped do things like normalize.css, html5shiv, and svg4everybody. He’s not used to speaking in third person.

did i mention

  • fragmention - get it? Did I mention? Thank you very much — I’m here all week or until this gets updated.

pet projects

  • Polyfill Service - code for standards and selectively polyfill what your visitors need.
  • view-source - view the GitHub-style source code of any public website

working on

Something indieweb related. Something to do with simplifying and centralizing the socially interactive IndieWeb experience across multiple websites.

He definitely needs encouragement. Or friends.

speaking engagements

My schedule is full, as my wife and I discuss things quite often. Despite inconclusive gender stereotypes, my speeches fill any time slot, and she is rather to the point.


My decisions are liberal. My words are conservative. My thoughts are private.

To which I may add; my actions are flawed, my heart is big, and at some I switched to first person.