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indiebookclub is an app for posting books you are reading to your website using Micropub. It is based on the Teacup source code and is now open source:


For latest updates, see

  • Sign in using IndieAuth or if your site does not support IndieAuth yet
  • All posts are stored on your indiebookclub profile, so you can use it even if your site does not support Micropub yet
  • Create and delete posts: supports Micropub delete from your own site if you grant that permission
  • Post visibility: If your Micropub server supports visibility options (public, unlisted, or private), you can select the visibility when making a new post. You can also select a default visibility for new posts on your settings page.
  • Published date and time: lets you backdate posts
  • Re-try publishing: if a Micropub request failed or if you added Micropub support after you started using the app, you can re-try publishing to your site
  • The post creation UI supports query parameters and can parse the microformats from other read posts in order to pre-populate the form [1]
    • For example, the "Add to my list" button on posts uses the query string method
  • Uses Micropub JSON syntax [2]
  • Export your posts in HTML+microformats format [3]
  • Profile page includes h-feed microformats so you can subscribe to it in social readers
  • ...

More features are being planned and discussed on Github:


Issues and feature requests can now be filed on GitHub:


Issues were briefly tracked here, before the Github repository was set up.

  • 2018-06-10
    • Switch access_tokens to session storage
    • Add flexbox for CSS Grid fallback
    • Feature: token revocation
    • Add default avatar when not able to find one in author's h-card. example
  • 2018-06-08 Strip "www." from hostname used in the profile slug

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