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This is a placeholder to coordinate IndieWeb activity in Paris, France.






  • -Starbucks Saint Antoine Meetup to discuss IndieWeb activities in Paris

    • To start biweekly evening sessions in Paris to work on our websites (open to anyone who wants to build indieweb or learn it). First session: Monday 2014-10-06 19:00-21:00 at Mutinerie
    • To translate indiewebify into French
    • To have a 2-day indiewebcamp in Paris, on the case of finding enough interest


  • 2014-10-06


  • Christophe Ducamp french supporter (searching help around automatic translation in multilingual wiki-projects)
  • ...


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An editor in the context of the indieweb most often refers to a user interface for editing (making changes to) a post, whether an existing post, or when creating a new post. The term editor may also refer to a person who edits a post after an author has written it, or even more rarely, the editor of a specification, like micropub, who is the primary contributor and/or verifier of contributions.


There are a spectrum of different approaches / opinions / desires for different post creating / editing interfaces / preferences / formats.

From most directly visual, to least visual and code-like, to some code, to all code:


See Also


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TinyMCE is a javascript html wysiwyg editor.

  • outputs markup and css in innerhtml.
  • needs cleanup
  • widely used.

Self Description

TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL.

TinyMCE has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances.

representative h-card

Created by on October 6

The representative h-card for a page is an h-card on that page that represents that page, if any, as not all pages are about a person or organization, a page might not have a representative h-card.

See and read with translating hCard to h-card inline as you read:

Use Cases

  • How to discover a person's name and image from their homepage URL, e.g.:
    • When creating a blog post, link to a person, and have that link automatically use their image and name as link text.
    • After signing in with indieauth, finding the person's name and profile image

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text refers to written content, documents with only written (AKA textual) content, a document format for such like Unicode or ASCII, or may refer to a text message (AKA txt or SMS) or sometimes a note.

See Also

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  • Sun, October 5 stub with historical articles for reference and historical context

POSE is an acronym for "Publish Once Syndicate Everywhere" which is conceptually similar to but looser than POSSE, which asserts that the "once" be on your "own site". POSE has been subsumed/superseded by POSSE.

Historical References

The phrase "publish once syndicate everywhere" has appeared in a few places in the past. If you find earlier references / permalinks, please add them with a blockquote of the context of the phrase.

See Also


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To Do:

Put something together for this page...


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  • Sun, October 5 stub with dfn debunk, alternatives, see also

Typical use of the term roadmap does not refer to actual roads, maps, or maps of roads - instead, keep a personal priority ordered list of what you're specifically Working On, and for unsorted or vague desires, add them to an unordered Itches list, on your User page or your project's page.

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IRC People

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  • Sat, October 4 /* Where */ note SF has no organizer for this week's meetup, provide instructions how to if anyone else wants to - maybe jdp23? Just takes two!
  • Sun, October 5 /* Where */
  • Mon, October 6 /* Where */ update to confirm La Boulange
  • Mon, October 6 /* RSVP */
  • Mon, October 6 /* URLs */ add indie-event for SF
  • Mon, October 6 /* URLs */ adding the facebook URL


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  • Sun, October 5 /* DB connection loss */ another better search - for sites indexed as "Database Error" "Error establishing a database connection"
  • Sun, October 5 /* DB connection loss */ note specific example found today during unrelated google search, quote the boilerplate error markup that comes back
  • Sun, October 5 note documented with specific examples, as things should be
  • Sun, October 5 /* community split */ specifically note split experience, rather than just opinion
  • Sun, October 5 /* Alternatives */ see file-storage, instead of just one example of Falcon


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  • Sun, October 5 /* Jeremy Keith */ has iterated his creating UI
  • Sun, October 5 /* Jeremy Keith */ add his create UI iterations
  • Sun, October 5 /* per silo POSSE toggles */ link to open source
  • Sun, October 5 /* Aaron Parecki */ subdivide note and event


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  • Sat, October 4 POSSE to WordPress (vs Hosted), add example of POSSEing a reply to a WP post as a comment on that post
  • Sat, October 4 /* Tantek reply POSSE */ related, Bridgy Publish feature request
  • Mon, October 6 /* Spam/Comment Protection */


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2014/Cambridge/Guest List

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  • Sun, October 5 document New and Hip Silos separately from Popular, document Silo Innovations, Flexibility, User Innovations Inside Silos, move Cybe to a new Vaporware Silos section
  • Sun, October 5 move flexibility before innovation, quitting after issues
  • Sun, October 5 /* User Innovations Inside */ citations for @-reply, hashtag, retweet


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  • Fri, October 3 /* Andy Sylvester */ fix link to point to Andy's site rather than, presumably copy/paste oversight
  • Sun, October 5 /* IndieWeb examples */ add neonblog example


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  • Sun, October 5 because "editing" has a more directly relevant to indieweb meaning
  • Sun, October 5 stub with dfn, disambig, see also


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  • Sun, October 5 add brainstorming section
  • Sun, October 5 /* Brainstorming */ minimum use-cases explicitly documented, and how behavior works to address them


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  • Sun, October 5 /* 2010 */ 2010-02-03 backfeed concept as reverse syndication
  • Sun, October 5 /* 2012 */ 2012-06-10 backfeed term proposed by barnaby with the creation of the backfeed page

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  • Sat, October 4 linky, interactions
  • Fri, October 10 user:danlyke /* IndieWeb Examples */ Added webmention support


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  • Sun, October 5 /* Comments Embeds */ move Juvia here where it makes more sense than in backfeed see also


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  • Sun, October 5 rewrite and re-organize why and how approaches
  • Sun, October 5 add Background, cleanup See Also: move low relevance links to more appropriate pages

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  • Sun, October 5 /* Criticism */ Poor handling of abuse, cite article


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  • Sun, October 5 add projects section with link to github for handling pingbacks. makes more sense here than in backfeed see also.

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  • Sun, October 5 /* Background */ note arrows out = POSSE, in = backfeed, 2011 IndieWebCamp session, related POSE term


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  • Wed, October 8 add IndieWeb Examples section with willnorris

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  • Wed, October 8 The channel details were at bottom of the page, adding to the quick start


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  • Sun, October 5 /* Disadvantages */ less reliable e.g. Flickr


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  • Fri, October 10 /* See also */ strongly related Fictive Kin's purpose essay

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