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Semantic Linkbacks

Created by on November 7

  • Fri, November 7 Created page with "<dfn>Semantic Linkbacks</dfn> is a [WordPress] plugin that adds a semantic layer to classic linkback protocols like Trackback, Pingback or WebMention. Webmention support requires..."
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  • Fri, November 7 update dfn to be user-feature centric, explain type indicator and purpose/use-case
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  • Fri, November 7 note in-reply-to markup needed for switching to type comment
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Semantic Linkbacks is a WordPress plugin that upgrades the presentation of linkback notifications (like Trackback, Pingback, or Webmention*) from the ugly default pingback presentation of "[…] random text excerpt […]" to a much more meaningful and user-friendly display as comments, reposts, likes, and favorites, detected using microformats2 markup from the source of the linkback.

For explicit in-reply-to interactions, the plugin also changes the WordPress comment type to from "webmention" to "comment". Otherwise, it creates human readable whole sentences like "Alice liked this article on" with hyperlinks to the source author and permalink.

Comment Type Indicator

For in-reply-to interactions, the plugin adds a "type" indicator in the comment metadata for the specific type of interaction:

  • mention - Defaults to mention if another type cannot be determined, e.g. "Alice mentioned this article on"

This "type" indicator enables further interaction-specific presentation customization, such showing likes/favorites and/or reposts as a facepile.

Related Plugins

*WordPress supports Pingback and Trackback by default; for Webmention support, you must install the separate Webmention Plugin which is very nicely complementary to the Semantic Linkbacks plugin.

See Also


Created by on November 7

User interface, often abbreviated as UI, formerly called human interface (HI), refers to presentational and interactive design elements of potentially any tool, but usually electronic tools, specifically their hardware and/or software.

A user interface is also often referred to in context simply as an interface, or implied when used as a compound noun with some user-level concept or object, e.g.:

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WordPress Outreach Committee

Created by on November 7

  • Fri, November 7 Created page with "The <dfn>WordPress Outreach Committee</dfn>''' is a group of active Indiewebcamp participants who reach out to individuals already running WordPress to add Indieweb functionality..."
  • Fri, November 7
  • Fri, November 7
  • Fri, November 7 /* Members */

The WordPress Outreach Committee is a group of active Indiewebcamp participants who reach out to individuals already running WordPress to add Indieweb functionality to their existing sites. This would include people who have actively requested assistance in converting as well as people who might be amenable to the suggestion.


Looking for help? Try one of the people below.

  • David Shanske, ...
    • Looking to help others with Indieweb on WordPress? Join the IRC or just help someone out!


Created by on November 7

Jux was a content hosting silo that specialized in allowing users to publish slideshows and other multimedia that mixed text with photos and videos.

Jux was hosted at


[1] 2014-11-30: expected shutdown of per 2014-11-05 GigaOM: Personal media publishing platform is shutting down by the end of the month

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2014/Online/Guest List

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  • Mon, November 3 Created page with "<div class="h-event vevent"> == <span class="p-name summary">[[2014/Online|IndieWebCamp Online 2014]]</span> == * '''When:''' <span class="dt-start dtstart"><time class="value">..."
  • Mon, November 3 /* Participants */
  • Mon, November 3 /* Regrets */

IndieWebCamp Online 2014

Official Guest List

If you have a personal site If you want a personal site
Are you a Creator (create & share design, UI/UX, and/or code)? Either: add yourself to the guest list by Logging in with your own domain, or Publish a post saying that you're coming with a link to this RSVP page and send a pingback to it. If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or don’t have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, you’re still very welcome! Find a creator (either listed below, or ask on IRC) to team up with and ask them to add you as their apprentice. Then get your site setup with IndieAuth and edit your entry!

Curious about attending? See what happened at the main IndieWebCamp 2014 in June!


Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Name: David Shanske

IndieWeb Projects:

Personal URL:

Elsewhere: @dshanske

Name: Your Name

IndieWeb Projects:

Personal URL: your domain

Elsewhere: @yourname


  • Want to help?


Apprentices, add yourselves with your name, personal URL (if any), Creator, more info. Alphabetically sorted by given name.


Folks that can't make it


No one is listed yet. Add yourself to the list using the attendee template!

Missed You

Sorry to miss you folks - hopefully you can make it next year!


No one is listed yet. Add to the list using the attendee template


Created by on November 7

User experience, often abbreviated as UX, refers to the total experience a user has with a tool, or even an entire company, across all methods of communication and interaction with that tool, including both direct interactions using a tool UI and indirect interactions via other tools such as email, SMS, phone calls, in-person human representatives of the tool or company, etc.

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Created by on November 1

You're here because you recently accessed a wifi network with a captive portal and it used a relative redirect to send you to this page, which your browser remembered and then reloaded after you switched to another wifi network.

Go back in your browser history and reclick the link you clicked before.

If you got here from using a bookmark, select the bookmark again and it should now work.


Created by on November 7

Interface most often refers to user-interface in the context of the IndieWeb, since we're a user-centric / design-centric / UX before protocols&formats principles crowd.

Less often, use of "interface" may sometimes refer to "application programming interface" AKA API.

See Also


Created by on November 7

Main article: Micropub


Alternate Content Types

Q: should a markdown-based client send the "content" field as markdown or rendered html? If the latter, should it send an auxiliary field with the raw markdown?

  • Backends that store posts as markdown will want the raw version.
  • Sending HTML means that even endpoints that don't use markdown could make use of a markdown editor for authoring.
  • Aaron Parecki points out that this will not be very useful without the ability to fetch raw content, and resubmit an edited version (which will mean expanding the spec significantly)

Micropub for Comments

Goal: if Aaron is reading Barnaby's website, create an inline comment form on Barnaby's site that can post a comment directly to Aaron's website.

If Aaron's site supports Micropub, Aaron's browser (or Barnaby's server) could make a Micropub request with the contents of the comment form directly to Aaron's website. However, Aaron cannot trust either Barnaby's comment form (it could have malicious hidden properties or change the request before submitting) or Barnaby's server.

Trust-Less Micropub

Rather than Aaron's server issuing an access token to Barnaby's server (which essentially would allow Barnaby's server to post content on Aaron's site as Aaron), "trust-less Micropub" describes a way to support posting content via Micropub without granting full access to the third party client.

1. Aaron is reading a post on Barnaby's website and wants to comment. He fills out the comment form and clicks the "sign in to post" button.

TODO: screenshot mockup

2. Barnaby's site begins the IndieAuth "authentication" flow to discover Aaron's website and his micropub endpoint. The request only includes the "comment" (or maybe "preview"?) scope value, and not the "post" scope, since Barnaby's site is merely trying to identify Aaron, not obtain authorization to act as him.

TODO: screenshot mockup

3. After successfully signing in, Barnaby's server now has an access token for Aaron's site and knows his Micropub endpoint.

4. When Aaron submits the comment form, Barnaby's server (or Aaron's browser, it's equivalent) makes a POST request to Aaron's Micropub endpoint containing the following:

  • comment text
  • other required micropub fields (e.g. h=entry)
  • access token
  • redirect URI - where to redirect Aaron's browser to after the comment is posted

5. Rather than immediately posting the comment, Aaron's browser is directed to Aaron's own website with a token in the URL corresponding to the comment request. Aaron's website authenticates Aaron however it wants, and displays the request of the action Barnaby's website is trying to take. This may look something like the following:

TODO: screenshot mockup

6. After Aaron approves the request, his server posts the comment and then redirects his browser to the redirect URI specified in the original request, taking him back to Barnaby's post.

See the original IRC discussion.

Action Handler Discovery

Main article: mp-config

An alternative to indie-config for discovering the user's action handler URLs. This method does not require a JavaScript or a custom schema handler to be registered in the browser, but it does require the user to support micropub and be signed in on the site they are browsing.

Multiple in-reply-to

It would be nice to have multiple in-reply-to links posted in micropub. With tags and syndicate-to, the values are given as a comma separated list. However, "," is a valid URL character and even given as examples in [1]. This could potentially be a problem for syndicate-to as well. POST methods already have a standard for passing arrays of values. Perhaps we should be using those.

PHP requires "[]" characters in the parameter name to be parsed as an array. Other languages (at least Python) do not, but it would probably make sense to make the [] part of the spec so that PHP implementations don't have to do their own special parsing.

Explicit CRUD

Currently there is no field to specify delete. Updates are implied by existance of a url= field. Updates to content and adding a syndicate-to link simultaneously are not possible as it would be interpreted as syndication text. I suggest we add a field to specify the CRUD operation. Postly uses operation='create', operation='edit', operation='delete', and operation='undelete' (since deleting just removes from public view).

HTML JSON Form Submission

Because handling arrays in form encoded POST requests is somewhat under defined, it may be nice to consider allowing a system similar to before json forms are adopted for browsers.

form-encoded arrays vs csv fields

Right now a number of clients/endpoints support arrays in micropub post requests through the use of a csv fields. This requires parsing of the form-encoded body, then further parsing the field values as CSV -> Array. Most parsers support the notion of a form based array by appending [] to the end of keys that make up the array. Supporting this would eliminate the extra step of parsing csv fields assuming everyone has access to a form-encoding parser that can support this.

Parsers that support form arrays

posting interface

Created by on November 7

A posting interface is a user interface for creating posts, typically on your own website.

IndieWeb Examples

See create for IndieWeb Examples of posting interfaces.

See Also

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