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URL design

Created by on November 10

URL design is the practice of deliberately designing URLs, in particular, permalinks, typically for a better UX for everyone who creates, reads, and shares content.



By deliberately designing your URLs and URL structure, especially permalinks, you can:

  • make them more usable
  • communicate date of publication
  • communicate rough topic of publication
  • make it easier for you to change your permalink policies over time (without breaking, or even having to change past years)


More Usable

Make your permalinks more usable by:

  • keeping your URLs human readable for simpler conveyance of information with URLs
  • keeping your URLs short for easier sharing and reducing mental overload
  • omitting giant long strings of numbers or characters, i.e. database IDs


Communicate date of publication by using a top-level structure that starts with the date:

  • /YYYY/MM/DD/ - the date in order of hierarchical significance
  • /YYYY/DDD/ - ISO ordinal date, saves two characters (shorter is better, though may not be immediately understood by human readers), and communicates a linearity to your year of posts.


Communicate topic by using a "slug" somewhere after the date, e.g.

  • ../tag1-tag2-tag3


  • Many put the slug at the end of their permalinks
  • Make the slug optional if at all possible, since it contains human written/readable/editable content and you may want to change it after the fact without any need for maintenance.

Content Type

Individuals with large quantities of different content types may want to differentiate in the URL what type of content to expect, as it primes the user for the subsequent interactions with the content. For example, take this comparison:

  • /2014/11/10/url-design - This URL could be anything about "URL design." It could be an article, a favorite, a reply, or even a photo about "URL design."
  • /2014/11/10/reply/url-design - This URL would be give the reader of the URL immediate understanding of the content to expect at that URL: a reply. If a person was not looking for this type of content, it would allow them the ability to skip over this content or be ready for a threaded conversation around "URL design."


One of the drawbacks of having an optional topic slug as mentioned above is that a lot of posts could become difficult to pinpoint when posting multiple times per day. Adding a time-relative ordinal to the end of a given Date allows for better pinpointing while still maintaining relevancy to readers of the URL. Take the two Dates formats listed above and simply add the ordinal at the end (N). This maintains hierarchical significance in both types of Date URL structure.

  • /YYYY/MM/DD/N/
  • /YYYY/DDD/N/


See everything listed in this article and expand here inline:

IndieWeb Examples

See: permalinks#Indieweb_Practices


Why Not US Date Order

Q: Why not US date order like /march/15/2014/ ?

A: Lots of problems with this:

  1. US-centric - the web is world-wide
  2. English-centric month name "march" is not international friendly (again, *world-wide* web)
  3. does not follow hierarchical significance - "march" and "15" are less significant than 2014.
  4. makes it harder to change URL policies every year (since the year is the 3rd component instead of the first.


Q: What is a good way to represent time in a URL?

A: There are several reasonable approaches. Using zero-padded hours HH (24hr), minutes MM, and seconds SS:

  1. Immediately after the date with separators, e.g.
    or even
  2. Immediately after the date without separators - less readable but ok
Omitting the seconds SS is ok too if you don't find yourself posting more than once a minute.
Alternatively if you post more than once a second (e.g. automatic metrics), you may want to include a digit or two of decimal seconds.

Why not AM PM

Q: Why not times with AM and PM like /12:57pm/?

A: Some problems with this:

  1. AM/PM are easily confused / misread (bad for usability)
  2. makes the URL longer unnecessarily (compared to 24hr time)
  3. less international - 24hr time is more readily recognized when reading world-wide.

Why not content type first

Q: Why not put the type of content first in the URL structure, e.g.

A: Many reasons:

  1. The more known/stable aspect should go first. Dates are much more well understood (stable) and well known than "kinds" of posts, which are still squishy and growing. Permalinks and URLs in general are supposed to be stable, thus putting the more stable pieces first makes sense. Less change if you do have to change the squishy parts.
  2. Year first allows changing URL policies more easily, like once a year. If your year is first, you can set a policy for how your URLs work each year and change it, not having to go back and change past years.
  3. Experience. Aaron Parecki in particular started with a type-first URL structure, and is now having to convert it all to date first because of various scaling, storage, and other reasons.[1]


More thoughts on (potentially additional aspects of) URL design:

See Also

server-sent events

Created by on November 12

server-sent events is a DOM API for receiving push notifications from a server via HTTP.



Server-sent events are one way to implement real-time comments display on your posts.


How does one implement server-sent events, especially in combination with a comment updating system?

(stub, to be filled in)

IndieWeb Examples

none so far.


Not Supported in IE

While fairly widely supported, server-sent events are currently not supported in IE.

  • MDN lists some polyfill libraries that cover IE and older browsers.

See Also


Created by on November 12

  • Wed, November 12 Created page with "<dfn>SmugMug</dfn> is a paid service for hosting photos. Features include folders, galleries, metadata, options to share to social networks, and options to seamlessly send phot..."
  • Thu, November 13 minor edits and links
  • Thu, November 13 note private storage as a feature that was motivating

SmugMug is a paid service photo hosting silo.



Features include:

  • private photo storage
  • folders
  • galleries
  • metadata (what kind? EXIF?)
  • options to share to social networks
  • options to seamlessly send photos to be printed


SmugMug offers an API as well as oEmbed support for integrating into sites.

Data Portability

SmugMug offers export of galleries as zip files, but not entire accounts, although this can be achieved using the API.

See Also

Created by on November 10

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Mentaly retired.


Best place to see what I'm up to is


Created by on November 11

IIRC is an acronym for If I Recall Correctly.

Created by on November 8

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  • Mon, November 10

moved here


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expiring content

Created by on November 8

  • Sat, November 8 stub with dfn, to do, real world needs, wp plugins, brainstorming, see also

Expiring content is content that is only temporally relevant, and also part of a larger post, that can and should be (preferably automatically) removed once a particular datetime has passed (the expiration date).


To Do

Some URLs to read, extract info from, and expand this article with:


Real World Needs Examples

Examples of IndieWeb sites/posts with content that would benefit from automatic expiry.


This post: has a couple of pieces of temporal content I would have liked to have expire automatically:

  • " (Reminder: NovemberProject 2014 Yearbook Photos Are Tomorrow!) " - an entire paragraph I'd have liked to have disappear automatically once the referenced event had passed.
  • "hopefully this Sunday at the Berkeley Half. " - have it expire and be replaced by a placeholder of some sort until I update it with my finishing time and other info.

WordPress Plugins



What would be a good way (UX) for the user to select and indicate that some content should be expired when?


What would be a good way to store that certain sections of content should be expired?


What would be a good way(UX) for the user to select and indicate that some content should be replaced by some other content automatically when?

See Also

  • scheduled content - the inverse of expiring content, that is, content that only shows up after a particular datetime has passed.


Created by on November 9

VirtKick is a software project that aims to be an open source, self-hosted replacement of DigitalOcean. It simplifies creating, managing, hosting and providing virtual servers and containers. VirtKick will be shipped in arkOS.



At the end of October, 2014 VirtKick developers launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $57,000 for further development.

Commercial use

VirtKick will ship with optional e-commerce features, so VPS providers can use them to sell machines. This way VirtKick makes it possible for non-tech people to use it. What's most important, users will be able to migrate their machines between VPS providers that use VirtKick.


  • KVM and OpenVZ to run virtual machines
  • libvirt is an abstraction layer to KVM
  • Docker to make use of images in Registry Hub
  • Ansible to auto-configure hypervisors

See Also

Created by on November 14

  • Fri, November 14 Created page with "Oi. I haz website Give me bitcoin plaz. 1F9bax85tY4bqczsUdWKkgtg5J6kW3nJr8"

Oi. I haz website

Give me bitcoin plaz. 1F9bax85tY4bqczsUdWKkgtg5J6kW3nJr8


Created by on November 14

  • Fri, November 14 Created page with "'''<dfn>CherryPy</dfn>''' is a minimalist Python Web Framework. [ CherryPy] == See also == * [[static-site]] * [[wsgi]]"

CherryPy is a minimalist Python Web Framework.

See Also

not supported in IE

Created by on November 12

The Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) web browser often lags other browser implementations of web standards and thus many features of the web platform are not supported in IE.

See Also


Created by on November 11

Jeremy Zilar


Created by on November 11

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