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Created by on November 25

  • Tue, November 25 Created page with "{{stub}} <dfn>mf2py</dfn> is a microformats2 parsing library for Python, developed by {{tommorris}}. It source is [hosted on GitHub]."
  • Tue, November 25
  • Tue, November 25 /* See Also */ linky

mf2py is a microformats2 parsing library for Python, developed by Tom Morris. Its source is hosted on GitHub.

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Created by on November 21

"HiddenID is a proposed standard for Tor users to be authenticated and [in the future] peers and service providers would be able to manage internet-wide reputation of such identities. Such a standard is needed because at the moment, most mainstream internet services treat Tor users like common criminals :)" [1]

Essentially, each user runs an OpenID server per account. There may be a need for multiple accounts "Because a gay communist cancer-patient job-seeker deserves at least 4 identities" [2], and one of the purposes of HiddenID is to minimize the risk of unification of those accounts (i.e. partial or ful deanonymization).

The only known HiddenID-friendly site so far is HiddenID Den, a wordpress blog using the HiddenID wordpress plugin. A HiddenID-friendly python-openid fork is also available (so far there are no servers using it "in the wild"). In both cases, tor must be running on the server (which might be a barrier for many site owners).

Since HiddenID also accepts "classic OpenID" credentials, sites supporting IndieAuth can use OpenID delegation to login to HiddenID-friendly sites [3].

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Created by on November 25

UBOS (pronounced You-Boss) is a new Linux distro that aims to make it much simpler to deploy web applications on headless hardware owned by the users. Even geeks often have a hard time finding out how to install web apps, or regularly backing them up or upgrading them. For non-geeks, it's totally impossible, which is one of the reasons they need to go to the big silos instead of the indie web. UBOS is intended to make this much more accessible to geeks and humans, so everybody can have their own site under they own control.

UBOS uses a rolling-release model, which means that no "major" upgrades are ever required. UBOS also uses several release channels that contain software with different levels of maturity.

The UBOS release process tests the entire stack: operating system, middleware, and the installation, uninstallation, backup, restore and (some) functionality of web apps included in UBOS.

UBOS fully supports multiple virtual hosts, and multiple independent installations of the same app at different virtual hostnames or paths. This enables a family, for example, to run independent websites for each family member at different hostnames but with overlapping applications.




Apps available on UBOS

As of 2014-11-24:

  • Owncloud: Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!
  • Known: Publishing Platform for Everyone
  • Wordpress: Blog tools, publishing platform, and CMS, plus indie web plugins
  • Mediawiki: The wiki that Wikipedia runs on
  • Selfoss: The new multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application
  • Shaarli: Your Own URL Shortener

Each of these apps can be fully installed at a virtual host of the user's choosing with a single command. There is no need to edit configuration files, manually provision databases, or restart services.

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Created by on November 24

Skitch is an application for OSX which can take screenshots, add annotations, and share the images to multiple destinations such as Evernote, FTP, or a WebDAV endpoint.

Skitch 1.0

After being acquired by Evernote, Skitch 2.0 removed the ability to share to WebDAV endpoints.[1]

You can still download the last version of Skitch 1.0 from Evernote here:

Use with IndieWeb Sites

Because Skitch supports sending files to a WebDAV endpoint, it is possible to use Skitch to post screenshots to one's own website, assuming the website supports WebDAV.

p3k supports posting images via WebDAV into an "uploads" folder since 2014-02-10

archival copy

Created by on November 26

  • Wed, November 26 stub with dfn, services from /archive prev version, see also
  • Wed, November 26 note why this is here vs. archive, cite WordPress, MT, Blogger use of the term "archive"

An archival copy is a copy of a web page made (often by someone other than the author) at a particular point in time, that can be used as a reference if the original disappears or is temporarily unavailable.

Archival copies are sometimes called "archives" for short, however in the context of independent publishing, the term "archive" is specifically used to refer to personal historical archives and the navigation to use them on a personal site.[1][2][3]



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Created by on November 26

A tag reply is a response to another post that tags that post with one or more tags.


Tagging others' content is a very common silo UX and practice. By using your own site to tag others' content, you "ownyourtags" even if/when the silos die.

How to

How to mark-up a tag reply, e.g. with the tag "indiewebcamp":

Inside your usual h-entry, use:

<a class="u-tag-of" href="">...</a>
<span class="p-category">indiewebcamp</span>

And then send a webmention from your tag reply permalink to

Doing so will tag that postpermalink37 with the tag "indiewebcamp".

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Created by on November 23

WebmebtionDressing (demo) is an "iframe ready" webmention display that lets you view webmentions of a specific page on this wiki (for example this page). The code can also be configured to show webmentions of any other site using

It can work on static sites (it's javascript) but not with javascript-disabled browers (for the same reason ;) ).


Embeddind at Sites Using

Simply edit SITE_ROOTS and DEMO_PATH at the top of script.js (as explained in the README).

You can then include an iframe with your own copy of WebmentionDressing (configured as explained above), and supply the current page's path as the URL's hash (e.g. #WebmentionDressing for this page or #2014/Online for 2014/Online).


To change the design (it doesn't have to be bootstrap), just edit the mustache templates at the bottom of index.html[1]. Of course, if you don't want it to be bootstrap you'll also need to redesign the rest of the html :)

This was the original intention of WebmentionDressing: to create an easy platform for designers to try out various ideas of comment presentation.

Interactive Theming

An earlier version of the template exists as a [pen]. This enables realtime tweaking of templates. Remember to click "fork" before you begin so that you can save your changes :). You can either login to codepen via github, or simply save an "anonymous fork" (if you don't intend to maintain it later).

Contribs are Welcome

If you fork something nice (codepen, gist, or your own site), please let us know (e.g. post about it and webmention this page :)

Acceptance :)

  • nice! thanks!! [2]
  • thedod, you could always add a page. [3]


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Created by on November 25

Calagator is an event hosting silo and aggregator that supports importing events marked up with hCalendar.


POSSE to Calagator

It is possible to POSSE to Calagator. If you're doing so, maintain as many of your structured fields as possible.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki POSSEs his indie events to Calagator since 2014-??-??. E.g.

Feature Requests

Create from h-event

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Created by on November 25

  • Tue, November 25 Created page with "{{stub}} <dfn>[ BeautifulSoup]</dfn> is an HTML parsing library for Python. BeautifulSoup4 leverages one of several possible HTML/XM..."

BeautifulSoup is an HTML parsing library for Python. BeautifulSoup4 leverages one of several possible HTML/XML parsing libraries (ElementTree, lxml, or html5lib) and provides a nice interface for wading through HTML, even very broken HTML (Earlier versions used complex regular expressions, instead of a "real" parser, to do this).

In the context of an IndieWeb site, BeautifulSoup is used by microformats parsing libraries, and is often used directly, for example to find <link rel>'s in an external document.


Created by on November 25

  • Tue, November 25 Created page with "{{stub}} <dfn>[ Requests]</dfn> is a small, human-friendly, Python library for working with HTTP requests, written by [http://www.kenne..."

Requests is a small, human-friendly, Python library for working with HTTP requests, written by Kenneth Reitz. The python standard library provides many (all?) of the same functions, but is more awkward and error-prone to use.

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