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free could refer to no charge, or freedom, as in the freedom to fork an open source project, and ship it yourself.



If a service is free, that is, you're not paying for it, it lacks financial incentive to be around for you to use. The expectation is that site-death is more likely, and expected to be sooner, for free services, or that free services will eventually need revenue and change features or behaviors in order to get that.

See Also perpetual-tripper

Created by perpetual-tripper on December 8

  • Mon, December 8 perpetual-tripper Created page with "elf Pavlik"
  • Mon, December 8 perpetual-tripper
  • Mon, December 8 stub with h-card to better structure name + URL

Elf Pavlik


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  • Thu, December 11 stub with dfn, quick braindump how to since benthatmustbe me is approaching implementation
  • Thu, December 11 see also person-tag

An area-tag is a special kind of tag that tags a specific area or region of a post which can be used to tag a photo post with person-tags at specific locations/areas where each person appears in the photo.

How to

All examples are contextually inside an h-entry.

Area tag with a note:

<area class="p-category" shape="rect" coords="..."
      alt="tag here"/>

person-tag as an area-tag:

<area class="p-category h-card" shape="rect" coords="..." 
      alt="Ben Roberts" href=""/>

Area tags can be placed inside a tag-reply to tag some other post with area-specific tags, including person-tagging people at specific points/areas in someone else's photo post.

See Also

Created by on December 9

  • Tue, December 9 Created user page with basic details of setup

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a web developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

my indie web setup

A WordPress site running the indieweb plugins

I POSSE notes and post to Twitter, using bridgy to bring in replies and favourites.

Created by on December 9

Aaron Wolf


  • Escape from Blogger and have my own hosting
  • More flexible stuff and easier navigation

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  • Sun, December 7 Rename "Todo" & "Eventually" and flatten "Todo" to bring them in line w/ "Working on" & "Itches" framing (except calling "Itches" "Wants" for greater clarity & to avoid feeling itchy whenever I edit my user page). Also, I'm Gen 2.
  • Mon, December 8 /* Working on */ Post-Wordpress mockup on hold.
  • Mon, December 8 /* Wants */
  • Mon, December 8 Added "Pipe Dreams" section
  • Tue, December 9 /* Current setup & practices */ POSSE-ing my replies to new FB comments
  • Fri, December 12 /* Wants */ rm "re-add rel='me'" b/c done.
  • Fri, December 12 /* Done */ Added rel="me" to current theme
  • Fri, December 12 /* Wants */ static site generator candidates

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own your data

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  • Tue, December 9 sort by start date
  • Wed, December 10 /* IndieWeb Examples */ start Aaron Parecki section based on his first note which was POSSE'd, therefore possible (likely?) start of ownyournotes instead of twitter
  • Wed, December 10 /* IndieWeb Examples */ sort gRegor to top by date of first ownyourdata


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  • Fri, December 12 Moved TOC farther up.
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  • Fri, December 12 move TOC a bit up, just below first section of features

Homebrew Website Club

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report abuse

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  • Mon, December 8 /* Instagram User */ UI updated *today* with new submenu and options

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  • Sun, December 7 /* Nginx Configuration */ fresh tune on the ciphers


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private posts

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  • Fri, December 12 /* Upcoming */ OpenChateau Barcamp opened to indieweb workshops (2014-12-14, Millemont, France)


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  • Fri, December 12 note that Ember.js supports real permalinks in "single page apps"


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URL design

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  • Tue, December 9 /* Changes */ Changes might be reflected by update posts.