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mentions feed

Created by on December 29

A mentions feed is a page that lists webmentions sent to the website.


A mentions feed could be used to send notifications to a mobile app such as mention-app.

IndieWeb Examples


Created by on December 30

  • Tue, December 30 Created page with "{{stub}} '''<dfn>[ Libravatar]</dfn>''' is a protocol specification for fetching avatar images for E-Mail addresses and [[OpenID]]s in a decentralized..."
  • Tue, December 30

Libravatar is a protocol specification for fetching avatar images for E-Mail addresses and OpenIDs in a decentralized way.

It is also an open source service to host a profile photo (avatar) for e-mail addresses and OpenIDs. The photos can then automatically be displayed on your posts and comments on any website that supports it.

In contrast to Gravatar, which is a centralized service, libravatar is decentralized - everyone can host his own avatar server. Multiple server implementations are available.

See Also


Created by on December 28

  • Sun, December 28 stub with info off the top of my head and what Kartik noted in IRC, mostly just silo examples

Unfollow is the opposite action of following someone, typically on a silo, commonly implemented on asymmetric follow silos such as Instagram, Google+, initially pioneered by delicious, Flickr, and Upcoming, but most greatly popularized by Twitter in contrast to the mutual friending model from explicitly "social" silos from Friendster to Facebook.

IndieWeb Examples

There are no known indieweb examples of an "unfollow" feature.

Silo Examples

Examples of silos that implement an "unfollow" feature in their user interface, along with some differences.

  • Instagram - upon unfollowing someone, refreshing your reader view removes posts from that someone
  • Google+ - If you remove someone from circles i.e. unfollow them, then the previous post you received also disappear from timeline.
  • delicious
  • Facebook - started as a symmetric friending model only, later added ability to only "follow" people rather than "add friend" (request friendship)
  • Flickr
  • Twitter - upon unfollowing someone, you won't see future posts from them, but their past posts will still show up in your reader (home page) view

Past silos:

See Also Page

Created by on December 30

What is the IndieWeb?

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web’.

icon 4611.png Your content is yours

When you post something on the web, it should belong to you, not a corporation. Too many companies have gone out of business and lost all of their users’ data. By joining the IndieWeb, your content stays yours and in your control.

icon 31635.png You are better connected

Your articles and status messages can go to all services, not just one, allowing you to engage with everyone. Even replies and likes on other services can come back to your site so they’re all in one place.

icon 2003.png You are in control

You can post anything you want, in any format you want, with no one monitoring you. In addition, you share simple readable links such as These links are permanent and will always work.

Beyond Blogging and Decentralization

The IndieWeb effort is different from previous efforts/communities:

  • Principles over project-centrism. Others assume a monoculture of one project for all. We are developing a plurality of projects.
  • Selfdogfood instead of email. Show before tell. Prioritize by scratching your own itches, creating, iterating on your own site.
  • Design first, formats second. Focus on good UX & selfdogfood prototypes to create minimum necessary formats & protocols.

Perhaps most importantly, we are people-focused instead of project-focused, and have regular meetups where everyone is welcome:

Homebrew Website Club

Homebrew Website Club 2014-05-21

Homebrew Website Club is a biweekly meetup of people passionate about or interested in creating, improving, building, designing their own website, in the same structure as the Homebrew Computer Club meetings. [1]

We meet every other Wednesday* right after work, 18:30-19:30, across cities and online.

The next Homebrew Website Club meetup is:

Homebrew Website Club
2015 01-14
2014 12-1712-0311-1911-0510-2210-0809-2409-1008-2708-1307-3007-1607-0206-1806-0405-2105-0704-2304-0903-2603-1903-1202-2602-1201-2901-15
2013 12-1812-0411-20


IndieWebCamp 2014 participants doing jazz handsIndie Web Camp 2014 Cambridge by Aaron Parecki

IndieWebCamp is a gathering of web creators building & sharing open web technologies to advance the state of the indie web. We get together for a weekend to discuss how we can empower people to own their identities and data, then spend a day hacking & creating.

See Previous IndieWebCamps, most recently the 2014 October Cambridge MA, September Brighton UK, Main IndieWebCamp PDX/NYC/Berlin, April NYC, and March SF. IndieWebCamp has a code-of-conduct.

The next IndieWebCamp is:


We have a whole bunch of IndieWebCamps being planned for 2015. Jump on in and help organize and/or suggest dates!

2015 GermanyDCProvidenceSFNYCPortland/NYC/BerlinUKCambridge
2014 SFNYCPortland/NYC/BerlinUKCambridgeOnline
2013 PortlandUKHollywood
2012 PortlandUK
2011 Portland

More Events

Past Events

Indie Web Camp UK 2014 by Tom Morris
Indie Web Camp 2014 West by aaronpk
Indie Web Camp 2014 East by Jeremy Zillar
Indie Web Camp 2014 Farther East by @brennannovak
Indie Web Camp SF 2014 by @aaronpk
Indie Web Camp UK 2013 by aaronpk
Indie Web Camp 2013 by aaronpk
Indie Web Camp 2012 by aaronpk
Indie Web Camp 2011 by @aaronpk

How can I join the IndieWeb?

How to support the IndieWeb:

  • Add buttons and badges to show your support on your website
  • Help with to-do next steps for IndieWebCamps and this wiki
  • Sponsor an IndieWebCamp with a venue, food, or donation.


You may read and edit IndieWebCamp articles in other languages:

More Information

Created by on December 28

Charles Stanhope

Charles Stanhope is a hardware/software engineer with an interest in open, decentralized platforms. He thinks the internet and the web are amazing inventions that humanity has barely begun to figure out how to best use. He believes that for the internet and web to continue to be a tool for good will require that individuals and groups can be sovereign participants. He is trying to do his part to make that happen. Charles thinks writing about himself in the third person is awkward.

Working On


  • Using IndieWeb to help me learn more about the "web stack"
  • Start blogging on my own site
  • Import posts from inactive silo sites to my new site
  • Redirect old links to new URLs
  • POSSE from my site to Twitter and
  • Improving appearance of my site


Created by on December 28


A birthday is the date when someone is born, however in the context of the indieweb, it is a feature displayed on some silos' user profiles that you can (or must) enter, and some prominently present to your friends on the month and day of your birthday, like Facebook's "BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK" feature at the top of their events page.

See Also


Created by on December 30

Well-known refers to designating a common URL on domains for data to be easily located.


  • robots.txt
  • favicon.ico
  • humans.txt
  • webfinger

See Also

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  • Sun, December 28 capture some brainstorming based on text first design of like posts
  • Sun, December 28 add IndieWeb Example Aaron Parecki
  • Sun, December 28 /* Silo Examples */ update FB example like post with more details
  • Sun, December 28 /* Facebook */ note like posts in stream appear much more succinctly with example
  • Sun, December 28 /* Facebook */ add right-side notifications stream examples
  • Sun, December 28 /* Facebook */ note odd use of present tense "likes" verb in right-side notifications stream when other microcopy verbs there are all past tense
  • Sun, December 28 /* Facebook */ Possible explanation of deliberate use of present tense "likes" verb in contrast to other past tense verbs
  • Sun, December 28 /* text design */ deliberately use "likes" instead of "liked"
  • Sun, December 28 /* text design */ explicitly note dates of like posts to provide context and a permalink hook, splitting times and date in clustered in-stream view, and where times/dates link to
  • Sun, December 28 /* Facebook */ subheads for each section
  • Sun, December 28 /* text design */ linky
  • Mon, December 29 /* Brainstorming */ notification first design, text only design, iterate hypertext design
  • Mon, December 29 /* Brainstorming */ next step: markup for hypertext design
  • Mon, December 29 /* Brainstorming */ add mark up a simple favorite of an indieweb post, an indieweb article, collapsed sequential favorites
  • Mon, December 29 /* notification first design */ copy/pasta -
  • Mon, December 29 /* markup for hypertext design */ styling is left as an exercise for the builder
  • Mon, December 29 /* markup for hypertext design */ fix multiple in-stream sequential like posts markup - was intended to be multiple h-entrys, and use p instead of div
  • Mon, December 29 /* markup for hypertext design */ use explicit p-name for cleaner result in simple h-entry readers, and abbr for expanded standalone p-names for second and later likes in a sequence
  • Mon, December 29 /* markup for hypertext design */ fix one last space " " time problem
  • Tue, December 30 /* Brainstorming */ URL design
  • Tue, December 30 /* Brainstorming */ order clusterings in reverse time order as they would be if stacked individually, note special case of two with "and" no commas
  • Tue, December 30 /* markup for hypertext design */ fix clustered likes markup

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  • Mon, December 29 spec 2015-001 commitment
  • Tue, December 30 Merge "better single post display" from intro & "Want" to "Working on"
  • Thu, January 1 /* Working on */ moved date on posts, split up 2015-001 commitment list
  • Thu, January 1 /* Working on */ Done: hide title on small posts
  • Thu, January 1 /* Working on */ Done: Hide title on comics
  • Thu, January 1 /* Working on */ Done: Move date somewhere below image on comics
  • Thu, January 1 Condensed & moved 2015-001 commitment items from "Working" to "Done".
  • Fri, January 2 Moved "Improve sidebar" to "Done"; added desired footer content to "Wants".
  • Fri, January 2 Moved "shortlinks" from "Wants" to "Working On" & expanded.
  • Fri, January 2 Done: Add colophon & copyright info to footer.


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POSSE to Facebook

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  • Sat, December 27 /* web actions */
  • Sun, December 28 /* Level 2 web actions */ update action to indie-action tag, link to specific how to to make it easier
  • Sun, December 28 /* web actions */ indie-action

Red Wind

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  • Tue, December 30 /* Description */ tone down "disclaimer". I can't very well claim it's only of use to me anymore!
  • Tue, December 30 /* Features */
  • Tue, December 30 /* Address Book */ update terminology and change [[Old Style]] to @newStyle person tags


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  • Mon, December 29 add 3 URLs with badly formatted hEntrys
  • Tue, December 30 /* Issues */ subheads for specific issues, note clustering of current bad hentry properties issue examples, analysis, hypothesis, proposal resolution

Main Page

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  • Sun, December 28 /* Homebrew Website Club */ next one is 2015-01-14!
  • Sun, December 28 move get started and projects to before Beyond Blogging so it doesn't appear to be only part of that, emphasize people-focused


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  • Fri, December 26 /* POSSE out to */ a few details of specific examples today
  • Sat, December 27 /* Advocates */ add Mottos section with before/after


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  • Sun, December 28 clean-up Known entry a bit, move WordPress and Red Wind up to main list up top since they are installable and usable today
  • Sun, December 28 /* Get On The IndieWeb */ use people templates where they already exist


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  • Sun, December 28 perpetual-tripper /* Obtain */ added Let's Encrypt provider
  • Mon, December 29 emphasize *today* for obtain, don't need any vapor here diluting the effectiveness/actionability of this section. move Let's Encrypt to possible future


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  • Wed, December 31 /* Simple Example */ use single syndication target for the "simple example"
  • Fri, January 2 add to examples


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Indieweb Taxonomy

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own your data

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IRC People

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