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  • Mon, January 5 stub with gwg and aaronpk 2014 in review indieweb posts, indiewebcamps
  • Thu, January 8 a few more subsections, HWC, Press, Indie Term Re-use
  • Thu, January 8 /* Indie Term Re-use */ typo
  • Thu, January 8 /* Press */ link to posts about

2014 review is a list of indieweb and indiewebcamp accomplishments for all of 2014.


IndieWeb Examples

Blog what you got done on your personal indieweb site in 2014, and add a link here!


2014/ had record number of IndieWebCamps (6), 2x in number and locations over 2013!

Homebrew Website Club

2014 was the first full year of the Homebrew Website Club, holding 26 meetups total.

  • ...


2014 had breakthrough press coverage of IndieWebCamp and the IndieWeb as a whole. Most notably:

Indie Term Re-use

Due in large part to the growing awareness and popularity of the IndieWeb, press coverage etc., 2014 saw both the launch of other "Indie" branded efforts, sometimes with deliberate overlap, or opportunistic use of the term "indie" as a shorthand for "independent".

In name:

  • - numerous instances of people confusing and indieweb can be found on Twitter
  • - new but has already been confused.

In self-description:

  • Good Web Bundle - during its sale period (2014 Holiday season), The Good Web Bundle promoted[1] itself with:
    The best sites on the web aren't always the biggest. Support great indie sites, and save on your favorite new apps!
    Emphasis added

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Created by on January 9


audio is a sound recording indieweb post that is spoken or otherwise created by the author of a site.



Audio posts, especially spoken word like podcasts, can be very personal and emotionally compelling. In many ways a high quality audio post has a very different impact on the listener than the equivalent as a text note.


Use an h-entry as always, and then an HTML5 <audio> element with class name u-audio and src attribute of the URL of the audio file, e.g.

<audio class="u-audio" src="" controls="controls">
alternate text content - like a transcript

IndieWeb Examples

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmülller uses Known to post audio to his site since 2014-06-27. Example:

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts posts audio to his site since 2015-01-09. Example:

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Created by on January 4

  • Sun, January 4 Created page with "<dfn>[ Ting]</dfn> is a mobile virtual network provider(MVNO) owned by TUCOWS launched in February of 2012. Ting is characterized by a per-unit usage model where ..."
  • Sun, January 4
  • Sun, January 4 minor tweaks
  • Sun, January 4 /* Indieweb Examples */

Ting is a mobile virtual network provider(MVNO) owned by TUCOWS, launched in February of 2012. Ting is characterized by a per-unit usage model where each device has a base cost plus tax. Minutes, texts, and data are offered in 4 bands, after which there is pure per-unit pricing(Rates).

Ting runs on Sprint's CDMA network, with voice roaming on Verizon. It has announced that in February of 2015(subject to change), it will launch GSM offerings. While not revealed, these appear to be on T-Mobile's network.

In December of 2015, Ting announced(Blog Post) it was getting into the home internet business by buying a majority stake in a small independent service provider in Charlottesville, Virginia with the goal of further expansions in other communities.

Indieweb Examples

  • GWG has been a user of Ting since 10-January-2014. He will be happy to offer details on request.

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super logoff

Created by on January 4

Super-logoff refers to the practice of disabling one's online (in particular silo) profiles when stepping away from the computer, preventing other people from being able to interact with the digital profile of the person while they are offline.

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Created by on January 8

IndieWebCamp was founded in 2011 by:

The IndieWeb "movement" (as much as two people getting together and naming something is a "movement") was started in 2010 by:

after they both attended the Federated Social Web Summit in Portland Oregon and decided what they wanted was a different focus, a focus on:

  • creators instead of talkers - people that create design/UX/code instead of just email/chat about it.
  • selfdogfooding - using your creations on your own website that represents your primary self
  • own your data - owning what you author by publishing it first on your own site, and only later copying to silos

Tantek and Aaron decided to use the term "IndieWeb" or phrase "Indie Web" to refer to this new focus and effort. The next year they joined forces with Amber & Crystal and organized the first IndieWebCamp in Portland Oregon.

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  • Sun, January 4 /* Storage format */ Updated and simplified for 2015, with back compat for older storage files
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  • Sat, January 3 add examples of quotation notes
  • Sat, January 3 why section, primary / portion / emphasis exception, and when to instead use a repost, bookmark, or photo
  • Sat, January 3 subheads for why, secondary brief commentary, when to use a reply instead, with examples, note connection to marginalia
  • Sun, January 4 quotation as reminder is still just a bookmark
  • Sun, January 4 /* Aaron Parecki */ note which bookmarks are more like quotation posts, and note which one isn't
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  • Mon, January 5 quick brain dump of some ideas from the last couple days
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  • Sun, January 4
  • Sun, January 4 add date of switching my bookmarks to p3k with link


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  • Sat, January 3 adding trans-silo POSSE example
  • Sat, January 3 Undo revision 16365 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User|talk]]) - "trans-silo POSSE" squicks Tantek out, reverting until we can find a better way to document. in the meantime, documented on [[Tumblr]]
  • Sat, January 3 add subheads to other approaches, add pesetas, incorporate notes about Tumblr to Twitter in pesetas section
  • Sat, January 3 /* PESETAS */ Tumblr better than Twitter for pesetas

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  • Fri, January 9 /* inline hypertext design */ noting more clues from FB styling we can re-use
  • Fri, January 9 /* Brainstorming */ prefix times with "at ", use dt value class pattern as needed to avoid/reduce DRY violations
  • Fri, January 9 /* Brainstorming */ use time on date instead of date at time
  • Fri, January 9 /* Brainstorming */ make time, date, datetime stamps smaller, and drop their parens. cleaner.


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Movable Type

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  • Fri, January 2 subheads, note Examples, no indieweb community examples, see also wordpress
  • Fri, January 2 FAQ, outreach


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  • Sun, January 4 /* Validators */ indiewebify me doesn't check whole h-card

IRC People

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  • Sun, January 4 why - numerous reasons, e.g. hoping others will delete from their servers eventually per kylewm

report abuse

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  • Sun, January 4 /* Instagram User */ expand This profile is pretending to be someone else, more incremental documentation


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  • Sat, January 3 adding mention of Tumblr syndication to Twitter


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  • Sat, January 3 expand definition per kartikprabhu illustrative usage and real world example

expiring content

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  • Sun, January 4 mention ephemeral so it can be found via search

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  • Thu, January 8 /* at-sign for in-reply-to URL */ "Seems OK but I use 're: '"

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  • Fri, January 9 /* Kinds of Posts */ add audio since 2 sites now posting it


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own your data

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  • Sun, January 4 /* Aaron Parecki */ update my "own your data" section with a bunch more types and references


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