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Created by on February 9

Marc Laporte

see friendship

Created by on February 10

See Friendship is a (currently silo-only) feature that shows a timeline of posts (like notes, photos, events) that are in common between two people, so far only implemented in Facebook.


Silo Examples


On user profile pages, when logged in, Facebook provides a "See Friendship" option (like in a menu option from the "..." button/menu over the header image) that shows a "See Friendship" page, e.g.:

This appears to be commutative as both URLs show the same result.

Similar IndieWeb Examples

There are no IndieWeb Examples of the "See Friendship" feature yet, however, there is at least one implementation of a similar feature.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki on his site has a "links-to" feature that shows a timeline of all posts where he has linked to a particular domain/person, since 2014-10-13. E.g.:

See Also


Created by on February 10

  • Tue, February 10 stub wit h-event from events page, photos section with IG photo of aaronpk presenting
  • Tue, February 10 add my collection



More URLs:




Aaron Parecki speaking on “Back to the Web”


See Also

How to set up web sign-in on your own domain-ko

Created by on February 9

  • Mon, February 9 Created page with "== Setup Instructions == === 1. Link to your various social profiles on your home page === On your home page, link to your profiles and add the <code>rel="me"</code> attribute ..."
  • Mon, February 9 /* Setup Instructions */

설치 지침

1. 당신의 홈페이지에 다양한 소셜 프로필을 연결합니다.

당신의 홈페이지에, 당신의 프로필과 rel="me" 속성을 추가하여 연결합니다.

하단에 보이는 것과 같을 수 있습니다:

  <li><a href="" rel="me">@kang2oon on Twitter</a></li>
  <li><a href="" rel="me">Github</a></li>
  <li><a href="강지영kang2oon" rel="me">Google</a></li>
  <li><a href="" rel="me"></a></li>

만약 보이지 않도록 연결하고 싶다면, <head>~</head>영역에 <link> 태그를 활용하여 연결할 수 있습니다.

<link rel="me" href="" />

참고 : 보이지 않는 링크보다 보이는 링크가 더 선호됨. 이유는 antipattern:invisible metadata를 참조하세요.

이 위키는 indieauth.com을 사용하여 인증합니다. See for a list of which of your services it can use to log you in.

2. On each service, ensure there is a link back to your home page

You'll need to verify that each service has a link back to your home page. For convenience the "edit profile" links for all the supported services are below.

To authenticate using, you’ll need to verify your domain with them.

Logging in via Persona (with an email address) and SMS don’t require you to add links anywhere, but instead verify your identity via Persona login or a short code sent to your phone, respectively.

3. You're done!

That's it! You're done! Now you can use your domain to sign in to any sites that support web sign-in!

Try Logging In to the Wiki


Known Issues

  • 2014-01-18: It is worth noting that, for setting up your Google+ profile, you have to add your homepage as "Other profile" rather than as (or additional to) "Contributor to" (which is needed for Google authorship).
  • …add specific issues here, along with date and solution


Created by on February 13

MobilePub is a mobile app for posting text, links, photos, videos, and audio files to your website using micropub. MobilePub was built with Apache Cordova and is available on GitHub

Current Features

  • Built on Apache Cordova to keep the development simple and cross platform.
  • Open Source
  • Polls micropub for supported syndication targets
  • Photo upload
  • Video upload
  • Audio upload
  • Detect offline status and queue posts to send when online
  • Save posts to submit later


  • User interface design (there is not a lot of space to work with so I want to fully figure out they layout)
  • Post types (checkin, bookmark, like, reply, rsvp, etc.)
  • Save and recall unfinished posts
  • Poll a list of recent webmentions (Ideally be able to register for push notifications from the site)
  • Track GPS stream (coordinates of a run/walk/drive)
  • Builds for other systems (should be easy for anyone with build environment)


Currently there are downloads for the latest builds on Adobe PhoneGap Build service (only for Android and Windows Phone) MobilePub PhoneGapBuild Page

You can also download the latest code from the git repo from My Github Archive To build this, I would recommend just following the cordova tutorials.


Created by on February 8

Created by on February 7

My website

Created by on February 8

  • Sun, February 8 Created page with "Hello, I'm James Baster, a developer based in Scotland. Email james at jar of green dot co dot uk I work on an Open Source Calendar Wiki for Community use http://ican.openacalen..."

Hello, I'm James Baster, a developer based in Scotland. Email james at jar of green dot co dot uk

I work on an Open Source Calendar Wiki for Community use which is used for several things including this calendar of tech events

Created by on February 7



Created by on February 12

  • Thu, February 12 add a stub for @davewiner's River4, as suggested on

River4 is an RSS aggregator written by Dave Winer. The project is written in node.js and open source[1]. In contrast to other styles of feed reader, it produces a "River of News" characterized by[2]:

  • entries have a title, summary, and link.
  • rivers group articles from the same source together
  • no "unread" counts, just a vertically arranged list of feeds sorted reverse chronologically

River4 stores data on the user's local system or on Amazon S3, decoupling the reader web app from the server/datastore.

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of uses by IndieWebCamp participants

  • Add yourself!

Other Examples

See Also

Created by on February 11

Julien Genestoux

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  • Tue, February 10 /* Indieweb Examples */ started section, added self with explanation, links to converter endpoint
  • Tue, February 10 /* Indieweb Examples */ added see also link to ATOM section
  • Tue, February 10 Adding more details on the ubiquity or RSS feeds
  • Tue, February 10 /* Alternative */
  • Wed, February 11 change Problems to Issues (under the assumption that they're resolvable), move Barnaby's example to Atom (since he has no RSS feed), move Projects to its own higher level section
  • Wed, February 11 /* Shutdowns */ explicitly note Kartik since he distinguished RSS vs Atom
  • Wed, February 11 /* Issues */ Ambiguous Usage
  • Wed, February 11 Criticism / Causes Plumbing Misfocus, how to solve/escape
  • Wed, February 11 clarify RSS is not a singular format, nor is "RSS/Atom", varying degrees of adoption/usage/openness
  • Wed, February 11 /* Indieweb Examples */ use canonical page name Atom instead of ATOM
  • Wed, February 11 /* Indieweb Examples */ finally found some examples of people using RSS and not Atom

2015/Germany/Guest List

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Getting Started on WordPress

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  • Tue, February 10 /* IndieWeb implementations */ Added seealso link, improved my description
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  • Wed, February 11 fix hotlinked logo
  • Wed, February 11 /* IndieWeb Examples */ add me


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WordPress Plugins

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2015/Cambridge/Guest List

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  • Wed, February 11 /* Explicit CRUD */ migrate operation= to action=
  • Wed, February 11 /* Explicit CRUD */ using mp-action now
  • Fri, February 13 /* Explicit CRUD */ note that url should be changed to mp-url, and syndicate-to to mp-syndicate-to

Post Kinds Plugin

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  • Sun, February 8 /* Features */ describe new reply options; add indie-config and custom action urls
  • Mon, February 9 add some screenshots


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  • Tue, February 10 /* Criticism */ Unhappy with Kanji input
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  • Tue, February 10 link to a wiki page for border:none 2014 to capture indieweb related stuffs


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