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social graph

Created by on April 19

  • Sun, April 19 Created page with "{{stub}} The '''<dfn>social graph</dfn>''' is a graph that indexes all the profiles and identities and the relations in-between them. Was popularized by Google's now defunct Soc..."
  • Sun, April 19 Documented the origin of relspider
  • Sun, April 19 Added more visible link to verified page
  • Sun, April 19 tweak definition to be more noun-sounding definition, a instead of the, one site, web, or in-person

A social graph is a network of social profiles/identities and relationships between them, either on a single site like a silo, across the web, or in-person connections. The phrase was popularized by Google's now defunct Social Graph API.



Identity Graph

A subset of the full social graph that only focuses on the relationships between different representations of the same single identity and ignores the social relations between multiple such identities. Makes the scope of crawling the entire graph much more manageable.


Google Social Graph API

The now defunct Social Graph API indexed XFN and FOAF data and provided a free and open REST API where people could query it. Also contained a Social Graph Node Mapper that created canonical identities for silo identities using the sgn:// protocol


See identengine. Focused on the identity graph subset of the social graph.


RelSpider – a project by Pelle Wessman that crawls identities using rel-me links. Focused on the identity graph subset of the social graph and to enable similar questions for that subset as the Google Social Graph once did. Started out as an experiment at Flattr to resolve verified ownership of web pages in an open, non-hands on way.

Silo Examples


Facebook focuses heavily on their internal social graph, which eg. shines through in the name of their Graph API.

See Also


Created by on April 19

verified refers to a content or profile that is verified to belong to a certain identity. Verified identities avoid the spoofing that is otherwise possible when determining authorship.


Silo Examples

Various social network silos (e.g. Flattr, Google) has or has had verification of third party content on their sites.


Flattr uses internally mapped URL:s to known proprietary identities and then used proprietary OAuth API:s of other services, like Twitter and GitHub, to let user verify multiple identities per platform.


Google's "Authorship in web-search" feature used rel-author and similar to establish authorship of a web page and then tried connecting that to a Google+ profile, either directly or indirectly by following rel-me links to and from the authors profile and the Google+ profile. Google then presented a profile of that user in connection to the page in their search result.


Twitter offers a subset of users the option of a blue "verified" checkmark icon on their name/profile, intended to "establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on Twitter."


Authorship + Rel-Me

First determine the authorship of a web page. If the author profile is on the same site (same host name) as the web page, and thus can be expected to not have been spoofed, then check for a bi-directional rel-me link between that author profile and the identity profile to verify it as.

Identity graph

To enable verification of more complex rel-me identity links one would need to compile an entire identity graph, the identity's own subset of the full social graph, and traverse the identity graph from the author profile, to the target and then back and ensure that the full chain of links exists and are valid. This would require something like identengine or RelSpider .

See Also


Created by on April 19

Wink is a home automation hub built by Quirky.


2015-04-18 They bricked a large percentage of their hubs by failing to renew their SSL certificate.[1]

See Also


Created by on April 18

  • Sat, April 18 stub dfn, examples
  • Sat, April 18 /* Indiweb Examples */ bear's issues w/ Pelican have been fixed
  • Sat, April 18 bear positivity on Pelican

Pelican is a Python-based static site generator.


Indiweb Examples

  • Stuart Langridge uses it for his blog, and wrote about enabling webmentions for it.
  • bear used it from 2013-10-30 before deciding to write Hakkan instead.
    • 2014-12-20: "planning on [...] getting a micropub endpoint setup so I can post notes and articles to my site without having to go thru the 7 manual steps I have to do now."
    • Switched to his own code 2014-01-12: "The generation is done by reading markdown files and using Jinja2 templates to build html pages. Yes, this is all just like what Pelican was doing, but I needed to do some custom processes for the IndieWeb work that is in place and being planned."
    • 2015-04-17: "some of the assumptions pelican had were making me crazy [but] they have all been fixed now [...] it has a very structured feel to how things work - and within that structure the plugins and themes are very good"

Created by on April 24

  • Fri, April 24 Created page with "Hi I'm Ed Summers. I'm a software developer working at the [ Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities]. I'm interested in the Web as an archive. I'..."
  • Fri, April 24
  • Fri, April 24

Hi I'm Ed Summers. I'm a software developer working at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

I'm interested in the Web as an archive. I've worked putting traditional archival materials on the Web, but I'm actually more interested in what makes the Web more like an archive -- the so called Long Web. This includes such things as permalinks, persistence, visible data, robots.txt/crawling, etc ... but also newer approaches to distributed storage (IPFS, NameCoin, etc).

I'm also in the DC area an am interested in getting a Homebrew group or IndieWebCamp going. Please get in touch with me on Twitter, via email at on in #indiewebcamp (I'm edsu).

who to follow

Created by on April 22

who to follow is a feature on a site that suggests people or other accounts to follow.


IndieWeb Examples

None so far.

Silo Examples


Twitter shows a "Who to follow" box in the sidebar when logged in and viewing someone else's profile. E.g.


See Also

connected home

Created by on April 20

A connected home is a home that contains multiple electronic devices that can communicate with each other and are accessible from a device outside the home. Typically these devices include cameras, light switches, lights, door sensors, garage door openers, and small kitchen appliances.

Apple sells a curated collection of connected home devices.


Each device in the house can publish its own h-feed of content it generates. For example

  • cameras can publish photos or video clips based on motion detection
  • door sensors can publish an entry when a door is opened
  • a motion sensor can publish an entry when it detects motion

An aggregator (or reader) can subscribe to each device's PuSH feed, and combine all the events into a single stream.

If you want to have some automation, such as a specific light turns on when motion is detected in a room, a bot can subscribe to the PuSH feed for the motion sensor, and when it receives an update, can tell a light to turn on.

Created by on April 23 is a "Twitter-fueled link aggregator that favors new projects/sites over news/articles."[1] The exact algorithm that the aggregator uses is not public.[2]


Created by on April 24

  • Fri, April 24 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Fri, April 24 why, how, examples, see also

question is a post type for soliciting answer replies, which are then typically up/down voted by others and then displayed underneath the question post ordered by highest positive vote count rather than time ordered.



You would publish a question post in order to both get answers to your question, and get others to vote on the answers in order to collectively sort them by best to worst answer.


The markup for publishing a question post is not yet defined, yet you can start with just a normal h-entry, like that for a note post.

IndieWeb Examples

None currently.

Silo Examples

See Also


Created by on April 19

  • Sun, April 19 prompted by tantek and dfn added by GWG

EDI is the airport code for Edinburgh, Scotland

Retrieved from ""


Created by on April 18

  • Sat, April 18 prompted by tantek and dfn added by KevinMarks

feedparser is the Python Universal Feed Parser, originally by Mark Pilgrim, now at

Created by on April 22

  • Wed, April 22 Created page with "A joiner of independent webs! You can find me running {{kylewm}}'s redwind over on [ my personal site]."

A joiner of independent webs!

You can find me running Kyle Mahan's redwind over on my personal site.


Created by on April 24

  • Fri, April 24 prompted by KartikPrabhu and dfn added by tantek

answer is a post type that is a reply to a question post; it's not clear whether answer needs to be its own post type, or if simple reply posts will suffice, thus if you're implementing answer posts, just start with implementing replies.


Created by on April 22

Jon Richter


Created by on April 22

James Baster


Created by on April 22

Zachary Donovan

Stack Overflow

Created by on April 24

Stack Overflow is a question and answer silo specifically for programmers.

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Homebrew Website Club

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static site generator

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followers you know

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