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Created by on June 5

Origin inspired me to make a move to shift everything i love, adore and care about to my own space instead of keeping it all other the internet with no clear vision of its future or actual intentions.

Personal site

  • microformats2
  • atom feed
  • written in node.js and its code is open source

currently about to implement webmentions

+1 Button

Created by on June 3

  • Wed, June 3 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Wed, June 3 link dfn, criticism, see also
  • Wed, June 3 explanation of use and what it does
  • Wed, June 3 history, Google IO 2013

The +1 Button is a webaction button proprietary to Google+ that is essentially their version of a like button.

Google+ allows you to put a "+1" button on any page that when clicked, does a "+1" (similar to a like) of your page, inside Google+, on the Google+ profile of whoever clicked the button.



Recommends proprietary Google XML

The first example (in their docs) of how to embed a +1 button in HTML uses this proprietary XML:


Recommends nonsemantic DIV

The "HTML5-valid +1 tag" (thus admitting their g:plusone XML isn't really valid) example has:

<div class="g-plusone" data-size="tall" ... ></div>


Google IO 2013 motivation

At Google IO 2013, in the "Google+ Platform Overview" session, the Google presenters said that one motivation to add +1 buttons to your pages is that Google search results show who +1'd a post.

However, Google has since (2014? 2015?) dropped that aspect of Google search results, which no longer show who +1'd a post, whether you're logged into Google+ or not.

See Also


Created by on May 30

  • Sat, May 30 prompted by tantek
  • Sat, May 30 add explicit p-summary because the page uses p-summary breaking the autodetect
  • Sun, May 31 /* How */ doesn't have to be a p
  • Sun, May 31 some minor edits to dfn, why

A summary is short text that conveys a post's main point(s), or a plain text equivalent for kinds of posts like likes and RSVPs that use other properties to convey their meaning.



To explicitly indicate what part of the content of a post, or other text equivalent, should be used as a shorter description of the post in readers or other link-preview use-cases for a displaying a post from elsewhere, especially for special kinds of posts that the consuming code might not know to do anything special with.


Add the class name "p-summary" to the element (e.g. <p> or <span> etc) tag that you want used as the plain text summary for your post.

IndieWeb Examples

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu on uses "p-summary" on shorter descriptions when displaying articles in a list.

See Also martijn

Created by martijn on June 1

  • Mon, June 1 martijn Created page with "Walking a fine line between [[apprentice]] and [[creator]]. == My [[FAQ#What_is_a_personal_website|personal website]]. == It is <a href=""><code>van..."
  • Mon, June 1 martijn Clarify all this user page mess.
  • Tue, June 2 martijn /* History */

Walking a fine line between apprentice and creator.


My personal website.

It is

  • All lowercase. This is important because directory names are case-sensitive on the server.
  • With a trailing /. Less important, but canonical. It is a directory.
  • Serving HTTP. Plans to move to HTTPS are being discussed.


The domain name was first registered in 2006 to bring all of the family’s email under a single provider. Since 2008 information about me has been available on

The website and email were hosted by Cliche (DK) from 2006 until it was moved to Binero (SE) somewhere during 2013.

The content of has not changed since early 2014, only the presentation.

My activity feed.

Will be published on


The domain name was first registered in 2012 to become a personal domain (minus the use to represent myself).

As of 2015-06-01 is it hosted by and development has restarted to join the IndieWeb movement.

My user page.

My username has been displayed as both Martijn and martijn. On IRC People it had to be defined as (with slashes) for the chat log to correctly link to my personal website.

The canonical version of my user page is User:Vanderven.se_martijn. The following pages should redirect here:

Use the {{martijnvdven}} template to produce a correct link here: Martijn van der Ven.


Created by on June 4

  • Thu, June 4 prompted by tantek
  • Thu, June 4 duplicate link

The XMPP Software Foundation (XSF) is an organization with the primary mission of creating and maintaining the standards required to implement software that uses the XMPP protocols.

The XSF is an independent nonprofit with the following mission:

See Also

Retrieved from ""


Created by on June 1

  • Mon, June 1 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Mon, June 1 note indieweb example with Linode Status archive

downtime is the time period or duration while a site, whether indieweb, commons, or silo, is offline and unreachable.

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWebCamp 2015-05-29

For a period of hours, due to lengthy problems including power outage at the hosting provider, and various related services like were down and unreachable.

See Also


Created by on June 4

XMPP-FTW is a Javascript library to allow browser developers access to the core XMPP protocols using JSON instead of XML.

The library defines hooks for all of the core XMPP events which may be generated by either the client or the server and then sends JSON to the hook's callback.


See Also

Created by on June 4 is a Javascript library to allow browser developers access to the core XMPP protocols using JSON instead of XML.

The goal of is to allow web developers to only ever deal with JSON unless they explicitly wish to see the XML that makes up the wire protocol.


See Also


Created by on May 30

We used the following and discussions in IRC and in person at Homebrew Website Club to decide on the dates.

Previously: Add a date and whether you can make it (and/or help organize o) for those dates +1 (or can't -1 or don't care 0)


June 13-14 (Sat-Sun)

a week before OSBridge

June 18-19 (Thu-Fri)

leaves Saturday & Sunday 20th-21st to decompress in Portland. Before OSBridge 23rd-26th

  • +1 o Tantek Çelik
  • -0.5 gRegor Morrill - I can make it, but I like the idea of weekend IWC so it's less likely to conflict with work schedules/require time off.
  • -1 Jon Pincus - would prefer weekend
  • -1 o Aaron Parecki - will likely be at the QS conference

June 19-20 (Fri-Sat)

leaves Sunday 21st to decompress in Portland. Before OSBridge 23rd-26th

June 20-21 (Sat-Sun)

Before OSBridge 23rd-26th

  • +0.5 Tantek Çelik (I could barely make this, have an afternoon flight on the 22nd for my SFO-YVR trip)
  • +1 gRegor Morrill
  • +1 Jon Pincus
  • -0 o Aaron Parecki - will be coming back from SF right before this and would prefer to have a couple days in PDX before

June 27-28 (Sat-Sun)

Immediately after OS Bridge (as we've done it 2011-2014)

July 11-12 (Sat-Sun)

Weekend after July 4th weekend (where people hopefully recharged)

July 18-19 (Sat-Sun)

Week before 2015/Edinburgh, help build momentum for it!

  • +1 Tantek Çelik would also be ok starting on Friday or Thursday before.
  • +0 Aaron Parecki this is right before the Esri conference, so it doesn't conflict, but is not my preference.
  • 0 gRegor Morrill I can make this, but going with Aaron's comment
  • -1 Kevin Marks has a conflict (per IRC)

July 25-26 (Sat-Sun)

same weekend as 2015/Edinburgh

  • -1 Tantek Çelik I have a conflict
  • -0 Aaron Parecki wouldn't want to recommend if tantek isn't there, and not sure same day as Edinburgh is a good idea
  • 0 gRegor Morrill I can make this, but would rather Tantek be there.

Created by on May 31

  • Sun, May 31 Created page with "=<span class="h-card">[ Kevin Lawver]</span>="

Kevin Lawver


  • Trying to start a Homebrew Website Club in Savannah


Created by on June 3

  • Wed, June 3 prompted by tantek

Prosody) is a modern open-source XMPP server.

Prosody is written in Lua and has a strong plugin module structure which enables it to be easily updated and modified.

See Also


Created by martijn on June 2

  • Tue, June 2 martijn Created page with "{{stub}} <div style="text-align:center;margin:2em auto;">'''Nothing on this page should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a legal opinion or otherwise engage in the ..."

Nothing on this page should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a legal opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of law.

An Impressum is a disclosure of information about the person responsible for a website that appears to be required by laws in some countries. This concerns creators in Germany and Austria the most. A rundown of the concept can also be found on the German Wikipedia: Impressumspflicht (German). This page will look mostly at Germany.


Why talk about this here?

The IndieWeb encourages people to create their own identity online and there has even been an IndieWebCamp organised in Germany. It seemed important to point out to people willing to start a website from Germany that they are required to disclose certain personal information on that new site.

The biggest hurdle for people is the requirement to publish their home address on their website.

Which laws are we talking about exactly?

  1. Telemediengesetz (TMG), especially § 5 Allgemeine Informationspflichten (“General informing duties”.)
  2. Staatsvertrag für Rundfunk und Telemedien (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag – RStV), especially § 55 Informationspflichten und Informationsrechte (“Informing duties and information rights”.)

When must I provide an Impressum on my site?

  • If any of your content is businesslike you are required to publish personal information in accordance with TMG § 5.
  • If any of your content can be interpreted as “journalistic and editorial services” you are required to publish personal information in accordance with RStV § 55.
  • If any of your content can be described as not exclusively personal or within family circles you are required to publish personal information in accordance with RStV § 55.

(These guidelines were adapted from Impressumspflicht auf (German) by Torsten Landsiedel, the standard answer to all Impressum related questions on the WordPress support forums.)

In theory, offering an online service to anyone in Germany means you have to comply with European and German laws concerning this. In practice, it is mostly websites ran by people in Germany or written in German (i.e. with a clear German audience) that have to comply.

This is not limited to your own domain. Several silos and hosted Software as Service require you to comply with local law. Even free blogs on need to include an Impressum [1].

Just being hosted in Germany might require you to provide an Impressum, as written by a German hosting company that was consulted on this:

If you are just hosting your website in Germany, but it’s not in german and not targeted at a german audience, you probably don’t need to have an Impressum at all. Again, the german laws are fuzzy on the matter what constitutes “targeted at a german audience”.

What information am I required to publish?

This depends on what law you have to comply with, but all of them require your full legal name and address. P.O. boxes do not suffice because you cannot be served there.

The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection offers a guideline to help you figure out what you are required to publish: Leitfaden zur Anbieterkennzeichnung (German).

Several resources say you must also publish a phone number. The European Court has decided that a phone number can be replaced by a simple contact form however. See: Europäischer Gerichtshof entscheidet: Telefonnummer in der Anbieterkennzeichnung nicht notwendig, elektronische Anfragemaske reicht aus (German).

Online generators.

There are some online services available that will generate the content of the Impressum page for you.

Both these services also allow you to generate privacy policy information compliant with Germany’s Datenschutz (data protection) requirements.

Further reading.

IndieWeb Examples

Google IO 2013

Created by on June 3

  • Wed, June 3 stub with dfn, raw etherpad notes, related since, see also

Google IO 2013 was Google's 2013 developer conference which discussed a few things at least tangentially related to the indieweb, such as their Google+ silo, and image & video formats.

Etherpad Notes

Some raw notes archived from

Welcome to the Google I/O EtherPad!

By contributing to this Etherpad, you agree to place your contributions in the public domain according to CC0:

Attendees / Notetakers:

  • Tantek Çelik - - @t
  • ... add yourself and your personal URL/twitter here ...
  • ...




Chrome talk in Keynote

  • WebP pushed as alternative to JPG (smaller) and has animation support to (GIFa)
  • H.264 vs. VP9 (~1/3 the size)
  • ...
  • ...

Google+ Platform Overview

Motivation to add +1 button:

  • Google search results show who +1'd a post u


  • ...

Related updates since

  • The the +1 button motivation given is now (as of 2014? 2015?) obsolete as Google search results no longer show +1'd a post.

See Also


Created by on June 5

  • Fri, June 5 prompted by gRegorLove and dfn added by gRegorLove

A webring is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure.

See Also

  • . . .


Created by on June 5

CalDAV is the protocol for syncing iCalendar files.


Use cases

CalDAV is already implemented in most calendaring software (including Apple's Calendar, Google's Android platform, Outlook, Busycal, Fantastical etc.) and is useful for sharing private calendars, or allowing read/write operations on ICS-based calendars.

Why host your own?

  • Because the existing silos that people use are a fiddle to use:
    • iCloud is pretty much exclusively for people who use Apple iOS/Mac devices meaning sharing a calendar with people on other platforms is harder
    • Google Calendar requires everyone to have a Google login, and some of us are deliberately trying to reduce our reliance on Google-hosted stuff (because of site-deaths and because of Google's involvement with surveillance)
  • To be able to add our own policy/logic, storage backends, backup etc.
  • Because some of that data may need to be shared.

Existing server implementations

  • Radicale is a Python/WSGI implementation of CalDAV and CardDAV, and also does sync over WebDAV and basic HTTP(S). It's GPL3 licensed.
  • Baikal is a PHP/Symony2 implementation of CalDAV.
  • OwnCloud also comes with a calendar module - details here.


  • It might be an idea to use version controlled HTML containing microformats2 h-calendar markup as a back-end for interoperability, backup and so on.


Created by on June 2

  • Tue, June 2 prompted by tantek and dfn added by aaronpk

PHPUnit is a testing framework for PHP


Created by on June 1

  • Mon, June 1 prompted by gRegorLove and dfn added by gRegorLove

LibraryThing is


Created by on June 5

  • Fri, June 5 prompted by kylewm and dfn added by kylewm

.co is the top-level ccTLD for Colombia


Created by martijn on June 1

  • Mon, June 1 martijn Created page with "<span class="h-card" style="white-space:nowrap">{{sparkline|}} [[User:Vanderven.se_martijn|Martijn van der Ven]]</span>"

Martijn van der Ven

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Google now

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Google Plus

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Twitter Cards

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recommendation engine

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Homebrew Website Club

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2015/Edinburgh/Guest List

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2015/Guest List

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IRC People

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