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recipe is special kind of post, that typically has a name, like articles do, a list of ingredients, and a list of instructions for making something, usually food or drink.



Consider posting recipes for food or drink that you come up with that you think your friends will enjoy.


Post an h-entry as you would for any other kind of post.

If your recipe has a name use "p-name" for it.

Put an h-recipe inside that lists the ingredients, steps, etc.

IndieWeb Examples

While there aren't any actual h-recipe marked up IndieWeb examples yet, there are examples of recipes as content being posted to the IndieWeb.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has been informally posting recipes as notes since 2014-01-27 but none of them include any explicit h-recipe markup: E.g.

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan has a secondary personal site where he posts recipes:

Silo Examples

Maureen Evans has been posting recipes on twitter at @cookbook in a text picoformat. Her abbreviations are documented and so could be expanded to h-recipe

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REST-based is typically marketing bulshytt that basically means HTTP plus buzzword marketing of REST without actually being RESTful.

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Salmentions are a way to pass comments upstream by sending a webmention from a reply post to the original post when the reply recieves a comment. The original post then checks the first reply, parses the second reply (which is displayed as a comment on the first reply) and then displays it as an additional reply on the original post.

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indiecard is a brainstorming proposal for an open link-preview and cards standard based on using microformat root h-* class names on the body element, and re-using microformats properties such as p-name, p-summary, u-photo, u-featured to provide functionality equivalent to Facebook's OGP, Twitter Cards, and other proprietary/corp-driven efforts.


Use first h-* item found on a page

Look at the first h-* item on the URL given, if it has a u-url defined that is *not* the current page, follow that link as it is more likely to have more data.

Safari Extensions

Created by martijn on June 9

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Safari Extensions are self contained packages of HTML and JavaScript that modify the Safari browser. They can be found on Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery, on GitHub, and other places.


On 2015-06-08, Apple revealed their new Apple Developer Program merging the three previous programs (iOS Developer Program, Mac Developer Program, and Safari Developer Program) into one. The merging means people who previously paid for 2 programs will end up only paying the single fee of 99 USD. [1]

Everyone who is a member of the free Safari Developer Program received an email stating they “can continue building Safari extensions and bring [their] creativity to other Apple platforms by joining the Apple Developer Program.” That means going from free to a yearly 99 USD payment.

This does not only effect people who want to distribute their extensions through Apple. Safari has always required a Safari Developer Certificate to install an extension through the Extension Builder. Users can no longer download the source of an extension and build it themselves, or even contribute to open-source extensions without joining the Apple Developer Program.

Apple states your “existing Safari Developer Program membership will remain active until July 8, 2015 and your Safari extensions will continue to work for existing users.” This presumably means Apple will force all certificates to be invalid after July 8.

Template:dym cx

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Comix Dym

Overlapping publics

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Overlapping publics are based on the theory that each work creates its own public, and that a response will likely have a different public. See


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Capability-URLs sometimes called hard to guess URL or secret URL and used for granting access to a resource to anyone who has the URL.

for more details see: W3C Draft TAG Finding 07 January 2015 -


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SOAP is Spectacularly Overblown Architectural Posturing see WS-Deathstar

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