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  • Tue, August 11 make a generic page for alphabet which relegates the Inc to a see also, and draft a sample set of indieweb alphabet building blocks, let's see how well they survive community scrutiny
  • Tue, August 11 /* IndieWeb Alphabet */ s/open source/ownyourdata
  • Tue, August 11 /* IndieWeb Alphabet */ why note
  • Tue, August 11 linky
  • Tue, August 11 r really should be reply thanks Kartik, and added Quill and /reader as secondaries as well
  • Tue, August 11 /* IndieWeb Alphabet */ timeline
  • Tue, August 11 integrated reader as building block
  • Tue, August 11 /* IndieWeb Alphabet */ bookmark posts, comics posts, scrobbles too, tags, permalinks
  • Tue, August 11 d is for design, v is for video posts, notifications, OwnYourGram, longevity, projects
  • Thu, August 13 add encouragement for updates, and Articles section

An alphabet refers to the set of symbols used by a particular writing system, typically as building blocks, like A-Z for English, and in the context of IndieWeb, we can use them to refer to key IndieWeb building blocks.

Please update this alphabet with additional terms for each letter as new building blocks appear and gain prominence in the IndieWeb. Please only change the first term for a letter if it really is the most prominent building block for that letter for the IndieWeb.

IndieWeb Alphabet

Here's an A-Z alphabet of IndieWeb building blocks, choosing a primary one for each (with perhaps a few secondary / also rans)

  • A is for article and less often audio posts such as podcasts, as well as having an archive UI, and the authorship algorithm.
  • B is for backfeed as well Bridgy, the awesome backfeed as a service proxy, and bookmark posts
  • C is for checkin, collection, & comics posts, and communication, in particular having a contact page, as well as the create UI pattern. Culturally, we have commons and our code-of-conduct.
  • D is for design, as well as the delete protocol in which the IndieWeb uses HTTP 410 Gone for decentralized deletions, and the disclosure UI pattern.
  • E is for event, edit, and exercise posts
  • F is for food posts, follow posts which are how you express in a decentralized way that you're following someone's posts, fragmentions - how you mention part of the text in a post or on a page, the facepile UI pattern, and file-storage, a common alternative to databases used by many in the IndieWeb.
  • G is for generations - a key building block for IndieWeb adoption, activism, and advocacy.
  • H is for homepage - everyone should have one and own their own, HTML & HTTPS of course, and for community the Homebrew Website Club.
  • I is for IndieAuth and IndieMark, less frequently invitation posts, indie-config, and for community IndieWeb and IndieWebCamp of course.
  • J is for jam posts, where you post what music you're currently jamming to.
  • K is for Known, perhaps the most popular IndieWeb-supporting-by-default CMS.
  • L is for like posts, and our longevity principle
  • M is for microformats and Micropub, less frequently marginalia, and a reminder to make sure your site works well on mobile
  • N is for note, perhaps the simplest and most fundamental IndieWeb post type, and notifications
  • O is for ownyourdata, a key indieweb incentive, motivation, rallying cry, and hashtag, as well as the excellent OwnYourGram service for automatically PESOSing your Instagram photos to your own site via micropub.
  • P is for posts with permalinks, also photo posts, POSSE as key distinguishing feature of the IndieWeb, or PESOS if you have to, and person-tags. See also PubSubHubbub and of course our cultural principles including encouraging a plurality of projects
  • Q is for quotation posts, as well as the open source Quill micropub client.
  • R is for reply, perhaps the second most common type of indieweb post, and its related reply-context UI pattern, but also repost posts, and having an integrated reader as a building block of your site rather than a separate thing.
  • S is for a stream of posts, at least one or more on your homepage or other pages, as well as scrobble & sleep posts, and our selfdogfood principle
  • T is for text-first design, and travel posts, tags, as well as the community timeline of key IndieWeb terms/ideas/concepts
  • U is for UX - short for user experience, one of our primary focuses and principles, inclusive of UI short for user interface, as well as URL design.
  • V is for video posts, as well as Vouch - a Webmention extension for reducing or preventing spam.
  • W is for Webmention, less frequently webactions, for community wikifying, and the popular IndieWeb-capable-with-plugins WordPress project, as well as the Woodwind indieweb reader.
  • X is for XFN - the increasingly ironically named XHTML Friends Network, a spec in wide use for identity and authentication with rel=me, and less frequently for other values like contact, acquaintance, friend, etc.
  • Y is for YAGNI - short for "You Aren't Gonna Need It" and one of the best ways the IndieWeb community has found to both simplify, and/or debunk & fight off more complex proposals (often from academics or enterprise architects).
  • Z is for Z time, AKA zero offset from UTC, a common technique used by indieweb servers and projects to avoid problems with timezones.


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Created by on August 11


In this diagram, these server names are shortened for brevity:



Possible implementations

(rel=pm is a placeholder for a better rel value. deliberately chose this terrible two-letter value so this doesn't stick)

There is an implied initial step of creating the private message which ultimately means needs to have the message.

1. fetches and looks for rel=pm, and discovers ""

2. sends some POST request that contains the message ID and sender ( to fetches looking for rel=pm, and discovers "".

3. sends a request to to check if this message request is legit.

4. generates a token and sends a request to asking the server to deliver the message (the POST request contains the message ID and destination, as well as the new token.

5. looks up the message and sees it was sent to "", goes and fetches the home page looking for rel=pm, and discovers "" which matches the request to deliver the message.

6. sends the message in a POST request to along with the secret that was included in step 4.

Step 2 is critical, this is how bob's server knows it's actually "" that sent the message. Effectively this is equivalent to bob's server requesting the message from alice's home page.


Needs to have a link tag with rel=pm pointing to

Needs to have a link tag with rel=pm pointing to

  • Accepts a POST request with a message ID and sender.
  • Parses for the rel link.
  • Generates a token and sends a POST request to requesting delivery of the message.
  • Accepts a POST request with the message contents and secret, and verifies the token matches the one generated previously.

  • Accepts a POST request with a message ID, delivery destination and token. (Verifies the message ID is valid first.)
  • Parses for the rel link and verifies this matches the request.
  • Sends the message contents and token to

Alternate Example

The diagram below is functionally equivalent to the above diagram, but is phrased in terms of "auth code" and "token", where the message only comes to play at the last step. One advantage of this is steps 1-4 establish the token, and then it can be used repeatedly to send multiple messages in a row.



Created by on August 10

  • Mon, August 10 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Mon, August 10 expand, subsections, examples
  • Mon, August 10 /* See Also */ NaNoWriMo

writing is the act of creating, adding & editing content for, and updating primarily text posts such as a note or especially an article.

The challenges of how to best write and post were most recently discussed at an IndieWebCamp in Cambridge in 2015 in the session Thought Draft Post.



IndieWebCamp sessions discussing how to be / become a better writer, and how to write more often & more quickly.


Various techniques indieweb community members themselves use on their sites to write better, more often, etc.


Tantek Çelik has found the following helps him write better longform posts on (both more quickly and of higher quality)

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and use a CMS (he uses Falcon) that works locally offline[1]

Gregor Morrill

gRegor Morrill uses WriteMonkey on a PC to draft longer posts. It has a full-screen, no interruptions mode. Also has optional typewriter sound effects if you're into that.

... add yourself ...

Please add the techniques you actually use yourself to write on your site!

Please do not add techniques you recommend but do not use (or use infrequently), or especially do not use on your personal site. There are too many random lists of "recommended" techniques (that the authors either themselves do not follow or do not do so on their own sites - both instances of selfdogfood failures).

See Also


Created by on August 12

HSTS is short for HTTP Strict Transport Security, an extension to HTTPS.

See Also


Created by on August 12

YASNS is short for Yet Another Social Networking Service and refers to the ever repeating cycle of new social network silos emerging, inviting "key" users, perhaps with limited invitations, and people rebuilding their "friends" lists for the nth time.

Four panel comic with two girls talking, in summary saying: What are we supposed to do with yet another social network. (pause) Post about how we don't see the point of a new social network?

See Also


Created by on August 11

  • Tue, August 11 having just blogged about UTC and thus "Z" time (in use by indieweb servers and projects), this seemed good to capture
  • Tue, August 11 see also alphabet

Z is a suffix used on a time string to indicate that it is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), a common technique for the time setting on indieweb servers, and used by programmers to avoid problems dealing with timezones, especially in indieweb projects.

Z time is also known as Zulu time (per military expression of Z), or Zero hour [offset] time.


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  • Fri, August 14 Created page with "I'm Jonathan LaCour. Find me at"

I'm Jonathan LaCour. Find me at


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  • Mon, August 10 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek

Vimeo is a video hosting silo and recently started errantly removing independent content that happened to mention "Pixels" -


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  • Mon, August 10 prompted by tantek and dfn added by gRegorLove

WriteMonkey is

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  • Thu, August 13 Created page with "<span class="h-card" style="white-space:nowrap">{{sparkline|}}[[|Rikki Guy]]</span>"

Rikki Guy


Created by on August 13

Publ is a python based command line client being built by Harry Reeder.

Usage is split into configuring a site and posting. Posting is currently done with the following command:

python post words words words words words

The next goal is going to be to get it packaged and be used with:

publ post words words words words words

Currently the code is available here:


  • Support for using a blocking editor rather than command line arguments, a-la git commit
  • Support more post kinds (and actually specify the h value)

Created by on August 11

Bradley Allen

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  • Thu, August 13 Twitter Android app, lack of clustering of notifications, Kevin Marks screenshot
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  • Tue, August 11 re-order how tos by how to use Tumblr for indieweb hosting, export, how to POSSE etc. to Tumblr as a logical temporal / order of implementation sequence, clarify post types to the 7 currently on Tumblr
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  • Tue, August 11 /* Post via Micropub */
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Homebrew Website Club

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