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Created by on August 17

  • Mon, August 17 Created page with "<div class="h-event vevent"> = <span class="p-name summary">Homebrew Website Club Meetup</span> = == Details == === When === <span class="dt-start dtstart"><time class="value">..."
  • Tue, August 18 add a next pointer so people coming here from /next-hwc have a way of finding the "usual" every other W night event
  • Thu, August 20 /* Edinburgh */
  • Thu, August 20 /* Edinburgh */


Created by on August 17

  • Mon, August 17 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Mon, August 17 expand dfn, linky, see also
  • Mon, August 17 also applies to single post at a time pagination

pagination is a UI pattern for navigation across (typically chronologically) sequential pages that show one or more posts such as permalink post pages, archives, search results, and lists of tagged posts.


IndieWebCamp sessions that discussed pagination:

See Also


Created by on August 14

  • Fri, August 14 prompted by tantek and dfn added by aaronpk
  • Fri, August 14 link term, create UI, screenshot, see also

Paprika is an application (MacOSX) for creating an organizing recipes for making food.

Create UI

Paprika has a form-based UI for creating recipes:


See Also

issue tracker

Created by on August 20

  • Thu, August 20 stub w/ dfn, silo example, link to brainstorming, & short "see also"
  • Thu, August 20 challenge the mostly theoretical issue tracker discussion, while citing actual real world attempts at indie publishing of code, issues, replies to issues

An issue tracker is a place to post and discuss bugs and feature requests.

Silo examples


TODO: Capture brainstorming starting at

After the above discussion, there were undiscussed suggestions to generalize from "issue" to "request" or "todo".

Vendan: [...] I'd almost steer towards a more generic noun then issue, like request. You could have feature requests, bugfix requests, even patch requests(with code patch attached). Also opens it up to making requests on people instead of projects, which would be an interesting idea
  • The ^^^ above IRC discussion appears to be nearly completely theoretical handwaving. I'd advise anyone actually interested in trying to solve this problem to start by actually posting some of the elemental types of content involved on their own site with permalinks, e.g., before solving "issue tracker", I challenge you to prove your real-world interest by first:
    • 1. post reply posts on your own site in reply to GitHub issues, and then POSSE them to GitHub. Only two people are doing this currently:
    • 2. post a new issue as a reply post on your own site in reply to a code repo on GitHub (or an indieweb site that has a code repo itself per previous point). Only one person is doing this currently:
    • 3. post code to on your own site, and then POSSE it to GitHub. A few people are doing this:
    • ... start with those three to start understanding the problem space, because otherwise all talk of naming "issue" vs "request" vs "todo" is just timewasting bikeshedding, and all other abstractions being discussed are essentially architecture astronomy. - Tantek 16:46, 20 August 2015 (PDT)

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Created by on August 17

  • Mon, August 17 prompted by tantek and dfn added by tantek
  • Mon, August 17 expand dfn, linky, see also

page is short for webpage on the IndieWeb, and can by default be marked up with h-entry (like body class=h-entry) for link-preview purposes unless the page serves a more specific purpose like a homepage or an event.

See Also


Created by on August 14

NUC is short for Intel's Next Unit of Computing, a very small but powerful computer that can be configured with RAM and an SSD.

Retrieved from ""

Universal Greeting Time

Created by on August 21

  • Fri, August 21 prompted by gRegorLove and dfn added by gRegorLove

Universal Greeting Time is

Created by on August 20

Hi, I'm Greg! My IRC nick is myfreeweb.


Sweetroll is the engine that powers my website, It's written in Haskell. I also wrote the following components to use in Sweetroll:

Created by on August 19 is an excellent offline map program.


Created by on August 19

  • Wed, August 19 archive from

IndieAuth Security was one of several discussion sessions at IndieWebCamp 2014/SF.

Notes here are archived from

IndieAuth Security

  • HTTPS is a requirement
  • Authorization vs Authentication

  • Auth server pinning?
    • Seems like a good idea, needs more work (maybe even just add TTL to the auth server link, need nocache on the home page too)
    • OpenID has the same problem. Has any research been done there?
  • XMPP solved this by not allowing the XMPP server to specify the auth, it has to happen at the DNS layer
    • harder to hijack a DNS entry than it is to hijack a web page
    • Webfinger - a lot of discussion about using DNS, but decided not to. But the lessons from webfinger may not apply since webfinger did not assume people owned the domain
    • Webfinger optimized for consumer, so didn't want to put the burden of DNS discovery on consumers

Dynamic (lack of) registration

  • Aaron TODO: require validation of redirect URIs for apps by client ID being the app's URL
  • OpenID did this with an XRDS doc

General feeling is if my site is pwned then I've got bigger problems

Goal should be to have the security no worse than current hosted wordpress security.

Changed Pages


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  • Wed, August 19 note POSSE URL permalink
  • Wed, August 19 digup gregorlove's POSSE copy permalinks
  • Wed, August 19 why, how, brainstorming
  • Wed, August 19 /* Tantek */ add another example
  • Wed, August 19 brainstorming subheads, add Jam type indicator idea
  • Wed, August 19 add Markup and content brainstorming with ♫ prefix, how to determine using that, note that I'm trying it out on my own site, update emojicon for page, silo example This Is My Jam obv
  • Wed, August 19 /* Tantek */ jams
  • Wed, August 19 posts about
  • Wed, August 19 /* IndieWeb Examples */ Colin Tedford
  • Thu, August 20 /* IndieWeb Examples */ correct Colin's first "official" jam (earlier date was likely a backfill)


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  • Thu, August 20 /* Indieweb whitespace thinking */ note POSSE whitespace preserved by Twitter API, link to Bridgy Publish issue
  • Thu, August 20 /* IndieWeb Examples */ add me, so I can officially complain about white-space: pre-wrap as a policy
  • Thu, August 20 /* IndieWeb Whitespace Examples */
  • Thu, August 20 /* IndieWeb Whitespace Examples */ add me to whitespace debate
  • Thu, August 20 /* Note Type Algorithm */ Implementations mf2util
  • Thu, August 20 /* Indieweb whitespace thinking */ br substitutions also don't handle leading spaces on a line.
  • Thu, August 20 /* Note Display */ try a Displaying Whitespace section per different methods notes publish whitespace
  • Thu, August 20 /* Displaying Whitespace */ or P
  • Fri, August 21 /* Indieweb whitespace thinking */ -1 the conclusion with explanation


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  • Mon, August 17 Put Microformats 2 on hold 'til I stop using Wordpress or someone dispels WP's magic mf1.
  • Mon, August 17 /* Wants */ (Unified) Indieweb messaging, more so than before.
  • Mon, August 17 /* Flat-file storage */ neonblog & Kirby, Known storage rumor, relink Pelican & demote it & Nikola, remove Bear ditching Pelican b/c old reasons
  • Fri, August 21 /* Current setup & practices */ "jam" post type


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  • Mon, August 17 dev's enthusiastic about indieweb. todo: get examples from chat logs.
  • Mon, August 17 webmention plugin, indieweb examples
  • Wed, August 19 /* IndieWeb Examples */ Chloe Weil, Rudiger Meyer


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Homebrew Website Club

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  • Fri, August 14 move summary dates template to "Meetings" where it's more obvious
  • Wed, August 19 /* Getting Started or Restarting */ note stated plans for Edinburgh, Brighton, etc.


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  • Wed, August 19 /* Kinds of Posts */ use music note emoji that thisismyjam uses
  • Wed, August 19 /* Kinds of Posts */ resort by # of sites doing each

Posts about the IndieWeb

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This Is My Jam

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  • Wed, August 19 nesting punctuation syntax > English punctuation historical errors of putting nested quotes outside period
  • Wed, August 19 POSSE to (incl example), document shutdown and challenges that led to it.


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  • Fri, August 21 /* */ rm url structure talk, add shortener plugin
  • Fri, August 21 /* us */ add, fix typo .me -> .us

Main Page

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  • Tue, August 18 /* Homebrew Website Club */ assume Brighton is happening unless adactio says not, update to Edinburgh and the week after
  • Thu, August 20 /* Homebrew Website Club */ Göteborg!


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  • Thu, August 20 /* See Also */ issue tracker
  • Thu, August 20 /* Colin Tedford */ rm uncertainty re: posting issue as reply to repo/issues/


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  • Mon, August 17 update to IndieWeb Examples, subsections per person, add Kylewm


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  • Mon, August 17 expand dfn, re-organize along Why, How-to, Examples sections like other pages, update mine


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  • Mon, August 17 link to /database (even though it's stubby)

Template:Homebrew Website Club

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  • Mon, August 17 /* Brainstorming */ Add Ben Roberts' unified messaging project


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  • Mon, August 17 tweak dfn, cite additional links (now that I've finally posted one on my own site)


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  • Mon, August 17 Adding link to private messaging brainstorm


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  • Wed, August 19 Brighton likely per plan to do it monthly 2nd Wednesday as posted by adactio


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  • Thu, August 20 /* Themes */ Use caution w/ free themes from outside the official directory.


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  • Thu, August 20 /* Themes */ Use caution w/ free themes from outside the official directory.

IRC People

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  • Thu, August 20 /* More Problems */ add podcast about The Man Who Refused To Email

2015/Network Flow

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  • Fri, August 21 archived notes from


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  • Fri, August 21 /* Fails To Handle Atom XHTML titles */ sample markup to encourage fixing

2015/Indieweb and Community

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  • Fri, August 21 archived notes from


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  • Wed, August 19 add Praise section with Brent Simmons article


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  • Wed, August 19 dfn more than just a URL :P, see also Goodreads


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  • Wed, August 19 perpetual-tripper /* Discussion */ facebook example of posting with embedded photo, which in turn has its own description


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  • Wed, August 19 /* Friday, March 7, 2014 */ IndieAuth session archived from etherpad

2013/HTML is your Data

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