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Created by on September 2

twig may refer to TWiG (This Week in Google), or the Twig (template engine).

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Created by on September 1

  • Tue, September 1 Created page with "<div class="h-event vevent"> = <span class="p-name summary">Homebrew Website Club Meetup</span> = == Details == === When === <span class="dt-start dtstart"><time class="value">..."
  • Tue, September 1 /* Edinburgh */
  • Thu, September 3 /* Edinburgh */


Created by on September 4

Save is a private bookmark webaction button that Facebook shows on link-previews of venues with the hovertext "Click to save. Only you can see the things you save."


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Twig (template engine)

Created by on September 2

  • Wed, September 2 Created page with "Twig is a template engine for PHP. == Used by == [[grav]] == Resources == [ Project website] [ Twit on Wikipedia]"
  • Wed, September 2 dfn

Twig is a template engine for PHP.

Used by



Project website

Twit on Wikipedia

p3k naming convention

Created by on September 1

The p3k naming convention is to find steampunk-era names that somewhat reflect the functionality of each microservice.

Components of p3k

Unused Names

Collecting ideas for names for future components. Feel free to add things here!

  • Scribe - archive of external/linked-to posts
  • Telegram - backfeed service
  • Obscura
  • Clockwork
  • Steam


Created by on August 31

  • Mon, August 31 prompted by aaronpk dfn paraphrased from tantek
  • Mon, August 31 linky linky, see also

"Open" is a way of describing something as being more accessible: more accessible to more people, more accessible on more devices, etc.


  • The Mac is "more open" than Linux because it is more open to more people being able to productively use it, as opposed to requiring users meet a bar of becoming a Linux sysadmin.
  • Slack is "more open" than Hipchat because of the well-designed mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as the ease of integrating external sources.

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banner image

Created by on September 1

  • Tue, September 1 prompted by KevinMarks and dfn added by KevinMarks

banner image is a wide image 2:1 to 4:1 displayed as a backdrop at the top of a profile page. There is currently no agreed indieweb way of marking one up.


Created by on August 31

The sandbox attribute of the HTML5 <iframe> element can be used to greatly restrict what the framed content can do.



Consider using "iframe sandbox" to restrict what embedded iframes (e.g. auto-embeds of YouTube and Vimeo) can do.

How to

to be written up

IndieWeb Examples

none as far as we know yet


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difference between a reply and a comment

Created by on August 31

  • Mon, August 31 prompted by GWG

The difference between a reply and a comment is that a reply is a post with its own permalink, shown on its own permalink, whereas comments are replies shown in the context of the original post, on the original post's permalink.

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Created by on September 2

  • Wed, September 2 stub with a indieweb centric dfn, note js frameworks, see also

Performance typically refers to the speed, responsiveness, and initial load of a website. Poor silo performance can be a motivation for setting up, using, publishing to your own website.

Badly written Javascript, particularly poor use of frameworks, can cause bad site performance, perhaps an example of:


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Created by on September 3

scrapbook is a CouchApp that replicates the functionality of the late Orkut#Scrapbook, allowing people to post and receive scraps in a decentralized way, with each person being responsible for hosting their own scrapbook instance.

scrapbook can be easily hosted in a CouchDB instance and accessed there directly (as in fiatjaf's scrapbook), or it can be embedded as an iframe into a personal webpage (as in fiatjaf's web page).

Although scrapbook works better if the person sending the scrap also has one scrapbook of their own (so them can claim the authenticity of their scraps), scrapbook is not an island, it works with anonymous scraps, named or unnamed, and will surely work with webmentions if the senders decide to allow CORS on their websites.


As spam in the Scrapbooks was the main cause of degradation of Orkut#See_Also, scrapbook takes some measures to counteract it:

  • It is a indie thing, so it will not be easy for a spammer to find available scrapbooks and spam them as it was with Orkut, a silo in which every click or randomly typed address would take you to a new personal profile;
  • It limits the number of scraps allowed to 1 every 100 seconds;
  • It requires a hashcash token to be submitted with every scrap sent;
  • It requires the person sending the scrap to go through a cumbersome process that first fetches a token data (changed every 100 seconds) with which to calculate the hashcash token, and only then to submit the token, so it mitigates automated spammers.

Moreover, I don't have any experience or knowledge about spamming, so this is mostly a guess and I'm open to suggestions. You can drop me a line at [1].--fiatjaf 18:16, 27 October 2014 (PDT)

Created by on September 3

  • Thu, September 3 stub with links to site, github, dfn related to Diaspora is an open source "new kind of meme generator" (according to their github repo), and was started by several of the Diaspora co-founders.

Gitub open source:

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Created by on September 1

Joined on 2015-09-02. Uses a still untitled self-developed project (See the change logs here).


Add webmentions


Created by on September 2

Readability was a open source script to remove cruft from webpages; now it is a company that has a browser plugin as a product


Created by on September 2

  • Wed, September 2 prompted by tantek and dfn added by aaronpk

Lambda is a service from Amazon Web Services that runs individual functions of code rather than running a server.

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  • Sat, August 29 /* Tantek */ note reasons for child-src (without explicit https)
  • Sat, August 29 /* Allow Only Media From Anywhere */ explain why img-src * and why media-src *
  • Sat, August 29 /* Tantek */ Note on new line for easier readability
  • Sat, August 29 /* Tantek */ expand on options for how to use only https child-src / frame-src
  • Sat, August 29 /* Allow Anywhere Media Whitelist Iframes */ explain why child-src for youtube and vimeo - embedding video players
  • Sat, August 29 /* How to */ subheads, Test your CSP
  • Sat, August 29 /* IndieWeb Examples */ add your site too
  • Sat, August 29 FAQ / Why bother if attacker can hack CSP too
  • Mon, August 31 see also sandbox

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  • Sat, August 29 /* Better archives */ More prominent display of current in-progress comic, with link to latest page. Maybe preview thumbnails for all comics.
  • Sat, August 29 /* Current setup & practices */ WP shortlink plugin reported fixed; I haven't tested.
  • Sat, August 29 /* Better archives */ rm erroneous reference, add dubious idea
  • Sat, August 29 /* Note names */ break at parenthesis
  • Sat, August 29 /* URL scheme */ prolly treat replies same as "regular" posts
  • Sat, August 29 /* Silo issues */ rm item that belongs elsewhere. Indiecard might help w/ preview problem.
  • Sat, August 29 /* Working on */ Post-WordPress markup
  • Sat, August 29 /* Noise filter */ save but de-emphasize older thoughts


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  • Mon, August 31 /* Itches */ add Own My Listens per design/feature changes being concerning
  • Tue, September 1 /* improve replies details */ show icon reply-context in-stream, thanks to prompting with good questions from kylewm
  • Tue, September 1 /* show icon reply-context in-stream */ note example of microformats wiki class="discussion" nested list items that also use an icon shaped like ↪ to indicate reply posts


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URL design

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This Week in Google

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  • Sat, August 29 Undo revision 21564 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User|talk]]) On reread, I see "♫" isn't required to count as a jam.
  • Sat, August 29 /* Colin Tedford */ first use & backfill of "♫ "

The Grid

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  • Mon, August 31 criticism, Creepy Privacy Policy, documentation and response


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Template:Homebrew Website Club

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  • Mon, August 31 add Dear Diaspora Lets Federate section, cluster Feature sections together


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  • Sun, August 30 /* Software implementing the authorization endpoint spec */

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  • Mon, August 31 completed: blog post about 2014-in-summary; added: updated POSSE diagram done in an atomic age design style perpetual-tripper

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  • Mon, August 31 perpetual-tripper /* Itches */ more useful repositories by Pieter Colpaert (Open Transport WG)


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  • Thu, September 3 add articles section specifically related to user-centered design, add benwerd post

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Federated Social Web

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  • Thu, September 3 articles section, with evanpro article from 2010, benwerd article from 2012


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Wired - Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet

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  • Thu, September 3 /* Revolution Remade paragraph 2 starting with Sadly */ link mention


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  • Fri, September 4 cite willnorris article on openstack in php in attempt to make it practical


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  • Fri, September 4 /* Blog posts */ add benwerd "Building a distributed social network? You’re doing it wrong"


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  • Wed, September 2 /* Criticism */ Feeling Like An Unwelcome Guest on


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  • Wed, September 2 /* Criticism */ subheads, add Maintenance tax and site fragility based on kylewm tweet


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  • Tue, September 1 /* Kinds of Posts */ more indie sites support /photo posts than /checkin now


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Firefox Share

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  • Wed, September 2 Additional Open Source Examples / Diaspora, perhaps use their UI as inspiration for a Micropub share provider

IRC People

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This Is My Jam

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  • Tue, September 1 /* IndieWeb Examples */ apparently I have photo posts now.