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comment problems

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  • Wed, September 16 Created page with "Common complaints include: * Spam control * Moderation becomes overwhelming * Inability to surface useful comments amidst noise * Moving the conversation to a silo is 'easier'"
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  • Wed, September 16 POSSE and backfeed, solutions, more see also

comment problems commonly include spam, abuse, and other noise that can motivate switching to silo comment embeds, or turning off comments entirely.



Common complaints include:

  • Spam control
  • Moderation becomes overwhelming
  • Inability to surface useful comments amidst noise
  • Moving the conversation to a silo is 'easier' [citation needed]
  • Comments change how the post is interpreted by the reader [1]

POSSE and backfeed

If you POSSE to a silo and then backfeed comments on that POSSE copy, you may experience the same issues that the silo experiences in general, e.g.

  • Kevin Marks 2015-09-11..13 saw abusive tweets show-up on his site that were made in-reply-to the POSSE tweet copies of his indieweb posts about the 2015 XOXO conference and festival


  • Use webmention. For now, spam and the other mentioned problems has not been a problem with purely indieweb webmentions, likely because webmention is not widespread enough to be a target.

Note: if you POSSE and backfeed, especially using a backfeed to webmention service like Bridgy, you may receive spam and other abuse via webmentions from Bridgy from silo posts.

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XOXO is an annual conference in Portland, Oregon.


See for a curated set of articles posted on Medium, explicitly submitted by the author for inclusion, and explicitly curated/selected by a list of editors.

See Also


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  • Wed, September 16 Created page with "<div class="h-event vevent"> = <span class="p-name summary">Homebrew Website Club Meetup</span> = == Details == === When === <span class="dt-start dtstart"><time class="value">..."
  • Wed, September 16 /* Edinburgh */


Created by on September 13

Tests are a way to automatically check ones implementation for edge cases where it may break.

By utilizing tests and test suites when building an implementation one can get an easier understanding of the diversity among other implementations and ensure that one can take it into consideration when building.




  • indiewebify, – is a service that checks how much "indie web" your site is from many different perspectives

Microformat Parsing


  • none yet?


  • checkmention – tests the security of a webmention endpoint
  • node-webmention-testpinger – pings a local webmention endpoint with a variety of test mentions taken from both real world sites and example markup. Aids in ensuring a correct presentation
  • node-webmention-testendpoint – a tool to test your webmention client. Generates a demo-post and a demo-endpoint to test if your client parses the webmention-endpoint correctly and to check if the ping body is transmitted correctly.

practical solution

Created by on September 18

practical solution is often to go with the easiest solution.

The practical solution depends on what problem you’re trying to solve :

  • If it’s how to markup your data on a web page, then microformats is easiest and already widely supported
  • If it's how to notify another website that you’ve linked to it, then webmention


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unguessable URL

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unguessable URL is a URL meant to be shared around without being guessed by crawlers or other uninvited parties.


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  • Sat, September 12 indieweb thoughts, capture recent insights about my own personal different "publics" experiences, in case it is helpful as an anecdotal datapoint, and/or encourages others to offer their personal experiences
  • Sat, September 12 new section on author vs commenter publics, expanding on a point raised by KevinMarks in
  • Mon, September 14 /* IndieWeb Thoughts */ benwerd's thoughts and post, via snarfed
  • Mon, September 14 The "Facebook" Conversation


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  • Sat, September 12 add RSVPs, photos, jams to My IndieWeb Setup summary, note ThisIsMyJam posts are now all via manual POSSE
  • Mon, September 14 /* indieweb community */ projects - expand based on micropub support


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web hosting

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private posts

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  • Tue, September 15 Documenting the brainstorming around upgrading public pages to private ones


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