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TPAC2015 Social Web

Created by on October 28

TPAC2015 Social Web was a session led by W3C Social Web Working Group members (including Tantek Çelik Amy Guy) at TPAC2015 on 2015-10-28, one of several strongly IndieWeb related events.



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Created by on October 24


Created by on October 24


Created by on October 24


Created by on October 28

annotation use cases are a list of common use-cases for annotations as presented by Robert of the W3C Annotations Working Group at the 2015-10-28 Web Annotations session at TPAC2015, most of which have IndieWeb equivalents in practice.

Use Cases

Robert gave an introductory slide presentation including this list of use-cases (including nested IndieWeb equivalents when available)

comment on a post
bookmark a post
tags a post
review a product / paper
describes a video post for accessibility
(no indieweb equivalent)
transcribe an audio post
(no indieweb equivalent)
reply to a comment in a classroom
private webmention - brainstorming
propose a copy-edit for a typo in a post
moves an annotation between reading systems
replies are decentralized by default, thus no "moving" should be needed

See more Digital Publishing Annotation Use Cases (W3C Interest Group Note 04 December 2014).

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Apache Shindig

Created by on October 25

  • Sun, October 25 prompted by tantek and dfn added by kevinmarks

Apache Shindig is an open source implementation of OpenSocial specifications, including Activity Streams. It is at


Created by on October 24

This page for planning IndieWebCamp SF 2015.


To Do


Planning stuff we're done with. Keeping just for the record.

Date Deciding

Archived here from our general IndieWeb Planning page:

  • 2015-11-?? 2015/SF
    • +1 Tantek Çelik can co-organize and maybe get a venue (e.g. GitHub or Mozilla are both possibilities)
    • +1 Kyle Mahan happy to co-organize!
  • 2015-10-31..11-01? Maybe adjacent to An Event Apart SF 2015-11-02..04
  • 2015-11-29 and/or 11-30 IWC SF Hack Day the Su/Mo before Dec 1-2 possible Social Web WG f2f per doodle poll

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Created by on October 28

TPAC2015 is a full week of W3C meetings and discussions at the Sapporo Convention Center in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan where various IndieWeb related topics among others were discussed.

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GNU social

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  • Tue, October 27 Update instructions on following a feed with GNU Social
  • Tue, October 27 /* Difficult to get information about */ prune pejorative paragraph
  • Wed, October 28 Move old history information down the page a bit. The relevant information (that the project used to be called StatusNet) is part of the summary at the top still.
  • Wed, October 28 /* Open Questions */ Describe how to put profile info into an Atom feed for GNU Social consumption
  • Wed, October 28 /* Open Questions */ Mention hCard support
  • Thu, October 29 /* Open Questions */ fix description to say the link goes in the atom author.


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  • Tue, October 27 /* Next steps */ add next steps working with w3c copy, and note some next steps were completed!
  • Wed, October 28 /* Issues */ questions about h-event and u-invitee
  • Wed, October 28 /* Implementations */ add mf2util


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Main Page

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  • Sat, October 24 /* IndieWebCamp */ direct More IndieWebCamps to planning, add IWC SF also
  • Wed, October 28 /* Beyond Blogging and Decentralization */ protocols second too


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preferred gender pronoun

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  • Fri, October 30 /* Pieces of a Post */ Inline and other references, inspired by, with apologies to (with citations)


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  • Mon, October 26 /* Brainstorming Markup */ note that the ideal fallback for readers is different than the ideal fallback for webmention receivers

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