April 8-15, 2016

Upcoming Events

IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2016
April 16 - April 17
Homebrew Website Club Meetup
Wednesday, April 20 at 5:30pm
Portland, San Francisco
Homebrew Website Club Meetup
IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf
May 7 - May 8
IndieWeb Summit
June 4 - June 5
Portland, Oregon
IndieWeb Summit

Posts about the IndieWeb

New integrated authorization server for p3k
by aaronparecki.com on April 13, 1:21pm

New Community Members

User:Indiewebcamp.com user:dym.cx

Created by Indiewebcamp.com user:dym.cx on Friday

User:Indiewebcamp.com user:indiewebcamp.com user:dym.cx

Created by Indiewebcamp.com user:indiewebcamp.com user:dym.cx on Friday

New Wiki Pages

photo comment

photo comment is what a photo reply looks like in the context of the original post that it is in-reply-to.

Created by tantek on Friday with 6 more edits by tantek.com and snarfed.org


SimplePie is a feed parser library written in PHP.

Created by gRegorLove on Tuesday and edited 3 more times

photo reply

photo reply is a reply with a photo, thus also a photo post that is in-reply-to another post.

Created by tantek on Friday with 2 more edits by tantek.com and snarfed.org


ISC is Internet Systems Consortium.

Created by bear on Monday and edited 1 more time


CONTRIBUTING.md is a file you can add to your GitHub repos which will show a message when someone opens an issue or files a pull request.

Created by aaronpk on Monday and edited 1 more time

Machine tags

Machine tags are tags with three parts (namespace, predicate, value) in the form of namespace:predicate=value, usually added by software to a post, not by humans directly.

Created by [shaners] on Saturday


Created by Miklb.com on Thursday


Created by Harryreeder.co.uk on Tuesday


supprot is when a software maintainer quietly stops responding to support issues.

Created by gRegorLove on Tuesday


CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md is the convention of adding a file at the root of an open source project with its Code of Conduct.

Created by Veganstraightedge.com on Monday

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