April 15-22, 2016

Recent Events

Homebrew Website Club Meetup
Wednesday, April 20 at 5:30pm
Portland, San Francisco
Homebrew Website Club Meetup
IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2016
April 16 - April 17

Upcoming Events

Internet Identity Workshop XXII #22 - 2016A
April 26 - April 28
Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf
May 7 - May 8
IndieWeb Summit
June 4 - June 5
Portland, Oregon
IndieWeb Summit

Posts about the IndieWeb

I launched GitHub support on silo.pub this morning, so you can create and comment on issues via Micropub 🕶 #indieweb
by kylewm.com on April 22, 6:59pm
SVG Sparklines 2016-04-18
by www.kevinmarks.com on April 18, 12:00am
IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2016-04-16
by www.kevinmarks.com on April 16, 12:00am
Homebrew Website Club 2016-04-20
by www.kevinmarks.com on April 20, 12:00am
IndieWebCamp Nürnberg Hack Day
by aaronparecki.com on April 22, 8:00pm
Photos from IndieWebCamp Nürnberg
by www.flickr.com on April 22, 7:59pm
IndieWebCamp Nürnberg Demos 2016-04-17
by www.kevinmarks.com on April 17, 12:00am
On #IndieWebCamp hackday I did...
by tantek.com on April 22, 7:44pm
Adactio: Journal—Sparklining
by adactio.com on April 22, 7:33pm
Indie-config and local storage
by unicyclic.com/mal on April 19, 3:03am

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IndieWebCamp Nuremberg Demos of numerous IndieWebCamp Nuremberg participants!

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HOPE is Hackers on Planet Earth, a bi-annual conference that is sort of like burning man in a building with hackers in New York City.

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responsive content

responsive content is the application of responsive design techniques like mediaqueries to hide/show content and links depending on various web page viewing widths.

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archive navigation

archive navigation is UI specifically for navigating archives, often organized by time period.

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X-post is not an experimental HTTP header despite appearances otherwise, rather it is an abbreviation for cross-post, which, in the context of the indieweb, can most often be found as POSSE, sometimes PESOS, and rarely PESETAS.

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multi-user site

A multi-user site has multiple users' web pages on a single domain, e.g.

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Patchwork is http://ssbc.github.io/patchwork/.

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OAuth 1.0

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social URL

social URL is just buzzfeed editors having fun with URL choice.

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Interested is one way to rsvp to an event.

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