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IndieWeb Examples

In particular, (semi-)active IndieWeb community members using WordPress on their own sites, thus you might find them on IRC to ask about their experience (or for help).

Other independents using it on their primary site

Using on one of their sites

People using WordPress on a secondary site.

Past Examples

Folks have opted to switch away from WordPress for various reasons (e.g. problems noted above). They seem to switch to one of three options, one indieweb, and two silo.

  • static site generator or some other IndieWeb project
  • silo: WordPress.com hosting service (see below)
  • other silo: e.g. Tumblr (others?)

Switched to another project

There are many folks with personal sites that have kept their personal site and webhost, but switched away from WordPress to another solution, e.g. typically a static site generator:

Many others have switched to Jekyll or are in the process of doing so, e.g.:

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