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Join the #indieweb discussions via the web, IRC, Matrix or Slack!

Today's Discussions

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Discussions about the IndieWeb take place primarily in our chat channels:

  • #indieweb - general indieweb discussions, a good place to start, and start with user-centric topics!
  • #indieweb-dev - discussions of more implementation details, protocols, formats, frameworks, coding languages, server configuration, and other plumbing. (#dev in Slack)
  • #indieweb-chat - off-topic channel for discussing anything, and is not publicly logged. (#chat in Slack)

Join the discussions!

The chat rooms (except for #indieweb-chat) can be searched at https://indiechat.search.cweiske.de/

Using an IRC client

If you're already an IRC user, setup your client with:


There is no mailing list! ūüéČ

This is a deliberate decision. We encourage focusing on short discussions in chat and capturing incremental agreements/disagreements on the wiki. This also discourages long essays and repetition of arguments that can take place on email threads.

For more see:

See also:

Under Consideration

Channels under consideration:

  • #indieweb-wordpress (use #indieweb-dev for now, if WordPress specific dev chat overwhelms all others, we can start a separate channel)
  • #indieweb-meta (use #indieweb-dev for now, if "meta" discussions (e.g. more about community infrastructure than personal sites) overwhelm actual productive/actionable indieweb discussions, we can start a separate channel)

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