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Loqi is a friendly and useful bot present in the IndieWeb discussion channels.


Commands and Queries

Loqi will respond to certain commands and queries entered in the chat.

Questions can optionally include a question mark at the end.


what is xyz, what are xyzs, what is an xyz, what was xyz
Looks up "xyz" on the wiki and responds with the first sentence of the page that includes a dfn element.
xyz is _____
After a "what is xyz" prompt, saying "xyz is ___" will create a new stub wiki page with the definition.
when is X
Looks up "X" on the wiki, and if it's an event, responds with the date and location of the event
who is xyz
Looks up "xyz" on the irc-people page and responds with the p-summary, or the first sentence of the page that includes a dfn element.
X << [[foo]] (or X << http://example.com)
Add the specified text to the "See Also" section of page X. If no "See Also" section exists, it will be created.
what time is it for username
Looks up "username" on irc-people and return the current time and date in their timezone, if specified.


!tell username message
Delivers message to username the next time they speak in the channel.
!tell userA,userB message
same as above, but for multiple users
Adds 1 point of karma to the username and responds with the total karma points for that username.
While typically used on chat usernames, karma can be added to any text value, e.g. "coffee++"
Subtracts 1 point of karma from the username and responds with the total karma points for that username.
This is typically used on non-username text values, e.g. "silos--". Be nice to each other. :)
!karma xyz
Responds with the current karma points for xyz.

Meme image generation

Loqi will generate meme images when it finds certain pieces of text in a line:

 !meme some text
<petermolnar> cweiske Y U NO use Loqi properly?
all the
<cweiske> disable all the things
what if
<cweiske> what if that worked?
not sure if $a or $b
this is .*!
<tantek> this is why I use fb.com/events as my way to check "happening tonight" !
one does not simply ...


24 hours until kylewm's t-shirt
<Loqi> I added a countdown scheduled for 6/1 11:41pm (#5839)
<Loqi> kylewm's t-shirt
<Loqi> Countdown set by cweiske on 5/31/16 at 11:42pm
 !cancel 5839
Removes a scheduled countdown
Responds with the link http://xkcd.com/927/
extracts and posts h-entry
Like Twitter links, Loqi will fetch the contents of any URL posted and look for an h-entry, posting a summary of the h-entry in IRC
 !date 1301943765
Convert between unix timestamps and readable dates. Try giving him other date formats too.
Random answer selection
<cweiske> Loqi, a or b?
<Loqi> I think a
<cweiske> Loqi, a, b or c?
<Loqi> b
<cweiske> Woohoo. Foo bar baz
<Loqi> yay!
<Loqi> ūüėä
Simulated fun
<cweiske> haha something completely different
<Loqi> hahaha
Giving, returning and eating
<KartikPrabhu> gives Loqi a cake
<Loqi> gives back the cake
<KartikPrabhu> gives Loqi a cake
<Loqi> peers at the cake
<cweiske> gives Loqi a Loqi
<Loqi> eats the Loqi


Brainstorms and feature requests for Loqi!

who uses xyz
This question could respond with a link to xyz#IndieWeb_Examples.
Alternative syntax: "anyone here use xyz", "who supports xyz"
why xyz
This question could respond with a link to xyz#Why.
Alternative syntax: "why should I use xyz", "why should I support xyz"
report updates from an XML feed
User:tommorris.org Suggested on IRC that updates to relevant Wikipedia articles might be useful
enwp.org/IndieWebCamp, enwp.org/IndieWeb, enwp.org/webmention, enwp.org/microformats
limit the number of RT notifications for a given post.
Posts mentioning indieweb that are retweeted many times can be very distracting.
!seen ircnickname
Responds with last time Loqi saw ircnickname do something in the channel (say something, enter/leave etc.)
where is xyz?
Finds the person's website on irc-people and looks for the latest post in their stream that contains location, and says "xyz last posted from {location} at {date / date and time} {url}"
optional ! if line is directed at Loqi
"Loqi: tell tantek..." would work the same as "!tell tantek"
Allow linking <dfn> in definitions
e.g. by saying "_____ is https://example.com, ....."


  • fragmention: Loqi strips out the fragmention link from tweets. e.g.: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-11-30#t1448927404974
  • bug: loqi's "When is" is case-sensitive. Only returns the link with lowercase "when is..."
  • bug: don't ignore lone stopwords, e.g. "what is about?"
  • "what is..." for h-event pages does not return the name or summary.

See Also

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