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Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire is a freelance web developer in Baltimore, MD, USA.


Personal Site - is my personal website.

What Works

Working on

  • Automating POSSE w/ bridgy publish and/or
    • micropub syndication query for Quill's syndicate-to feature
    • embed bridgy links for POSSE via webmention
    • send webmentions and save response to post's syndication section
  • Displaying updated webmentions client-side via javascript
  • Bypass/fix upload size restrictions for 360 photos (they are often ~4mb and one of either Quill or my micropub handler doesn't like it)
    • also streamline display of 360 photos - display a thumbnail with click-to-interact


  • Display upcoming events that I've RSVP'd to on front page
  • Bookmarks
  • posting my own video without relying on silos
  • backport all my old G+ posts
  • my own goodreads to track my read/to-read (plus movies, podcasts, etc.)
  • support for more post metadata formats for reply contexts.
    • currently using a fork of the ruby microformats2 gem to get mf2 data
      • fork supports <audio class='u-audio' src='...'>
    • would like to support posts with microdata markup example)
      • that microdata was embedded in a JSONP-like call, yuck. instead, made a custom parser for Soundcloud that extracts the "sound ID" and creates an embed. not great but provides a reasonable reading experience at the moment.
    • would like to support posts with mf1 markup example)
    • would like to support posts with json-ld markup example)
    • probably going to use XRay?
  • release my jekyll plugin for dealing with data publicly

No Longer Itches

  • an unhosted evernote knockoff using as my backend
    • I'm happy enough with laverna at the moment, though I haven't yet migrated any old notes in and support for files/images is limited/broken.
  • an internet archive style backup that snarfs pages that i want to bookmark into my notes
    • I'm happy enough with pinboard at the moment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Notes on Domains

The .re TLD is a geographic top-level domain for the island of Réunion. I used 101Domain as my registrar because they support setting up a business entity in the country (for a fee), a requirement for domain registration there.

I also have a mirror of my site running as a Tor Onion Service at http://schmartyp7qtjzn7.onion/.

Podcast Site -

We Have to Ask is the site for a podcast I co-host. In addition to hosting an RSS feed for iTunes and Stitcher, we have been publishing episodes here and manually POSSE-ing them to Twitter and Facebook, because that's where the listeners are.

What Works

  • statically compiled website hosted on Amazon S3
  • h-card on home page, relmeauth
  • mf2 for episodes
    • h-feed on front page
    • h-entry with u-audio
  • POSSE to Facebook and Twitter via bridgy publish. Syndication links displayed as "Join the discussion on {silo}".
  • Backfeed Twitter and FB interactions via bridgy and

Working On

  • Automating POSSE with webmentions
    • Works well with Twitter. Need to automate handling response.
    • Doesn't work so well with FB. Facebook doesn't do the automatic link content extraction and embedding when posting this way. Hmm.
  • Add representative images for each episode


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