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Goodreads is a silo for keeping track of books, reviews, and reading progress. Amazon purchased Goodreads in 2013.



  • Multiple shelves to categorize your books.
    • Books can be put on multiple shelves.
    • There are three core, "exclusive" shelves: read, currently-reading, and to-read.
      • All books must be in one and only one of these shelves.
      • Additional "exclusive" shelves can be added by the user.
  • When a book is on the currently-reading shelf, you can post reading progress updates
    • A page number or percentage can be entered
    • Optionally, a status of up to 420 characters can be entered
    • The currently-reading list shows the percentage complete based on your last reading progress update
  • A stream of your friends' added books and reading progress updates
  • An annual reading challenge where you can select the number of books you want to read during that year.
    • Your reading progress is tracked and informs you whether you are on track or # books behind.
  • . . .

POSSE to Goodreads

API for Goodreads

Goodreads does have a very complete API that could be used to automate POSSE.

As of 2015-12-29, has support for publishing to Goodreads via a micropub API.


Goodreads provides export of book lists to csv, txt or xls files [1].

  • Would be good to mung any of these into h-review based files for import into an indiewebsite -- Kartik Prabhu

Brainstorming POSSE

To POSSE a review to Goodreads would basically involve:

  1. creating an API key and secret with Goodreads
  2. OAuthing on behalf of the user
  3. Searching for the book_id in Goodreads
  4. Searching for the "shelf" in Goodreads
  5. Posting the review

Their API guidelines also *require* a link back to the "original" post in Goodreads.

  • What if the post on Goodreads is a copy and not the original? - Tantek

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