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sknebel since 2016-04-12 runs a still nameless custom python/flask app, reading HTML-formatted posts with YAML-headers from flat files. It currently doesn't do much except grabbing post files from a directory and stuffing them into a template.

short-term itches

  • quicker way of editing content
  • establish post types (bookmarks, quotes, ...)
  • working on own IndieAuth endpoint
  • better design for text-heavy posts -> right now to squished

mid-ter itches

  • improved webmention handling (display comments, properly handle edits, better verification code)
  • plumbing: caching, better background processing
  • photo metadata markup/handling

long-term Itches/random ideas

  • CSS posts that show up as styling options
  • I would like for a Client-side JS static site generator to exist, to get around the "have to install strange stuff" problem for non-programmers. Not sure if I personally would use it though...
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