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Facebook Master Algorithm is the name given to Facebook's algorithm for determining what content to show in Facebook's reader (AKA News Feed shown on their logged-in homepage), also adopted and tweaked by Instagram for their reader (app home screen).

2017-10-22 Christopher Mims: How Facebook’s Master Algorithm Powers the Social Network (archived) (original article behind paywall)

Similar Algorithms

Twitter Algorithmic Feed

(might deserve its own page) Twitter deployed an algorithm in 2016 to filter and re-order your reader view:

And previously (before algorithmic manipulation of your reader view)

Andy Baio notes that one can use Twitter's advanced search to get a non-algorithmic timeline feed:

Lindy Developer has created an app to display the "old" Twitter timeline without the algorighmic-based feed: https://ohmytimeline.com/

Keith J. Grant created a gist to use "Adblock plus filters to remove the crap from twitter"

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