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This Week in the IndieWeb is a weekly digest of activities of the IndieWeb community. It contains recent and upcoming events, posts from IndieNews, and a summary of wiki edits, sent out Fridays at 3pm Pacific time.

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The digest currently contains:

  • This week's past events, with photo
  • Upcoming events in the next two months
  • Podcast episodes on Huffduffer tagged #indieweb added this week
  • Posts on added this week IndieNews
  • New user pages created
  • A summary of new and most edited wiki articles


Marty McGuire has created a podcast version of the newsletter.

Podcast feeds and subscriptions:


Archives of previous newsletters can be found at:

How to

How to add events to the newsletter

The newsletter gets the list of upcoming and past events from Make sure the event has a name and start date. Photos from the event will also be included, so you can either upload photos directly to the event page, or post them on your site as a reply to the event URL and send a webmention!

How to add blog posts to the newsletter

You can add any post to the newsletter by submitting it to IndieNews! You can submit your own posts by adding a u-syndication URL, or you can submit other people's posts by bookmarking them on your site. Full details are available here:

How to add podcast episodes to the newsletter

You can add podcast episodes to the newsletter by posting them on Huffduffer and tagging them #indieweb. Any new podcasts added there this week will be included in the newsletter

How to suggest improvements

File an issue here:


This week's post is published on Fridays at 15:00 Pacific Time (PT)

  • 20:30 PT Thursday: first draft generated e.g. 2017-07-27
  • ...
  • 14:30 PT Friday: last preview draft generated and announced in IRC for previewing.
  • 14:50 PT Friday: final post is generated
  • 15:00 PT Friday: Mailchimp generates the email from the post on the server, and
    • sends it to all email subscribers, and
    • it is tweeted out from @indiewebcamp.


Ideas and other things you'd like to see in the weekly summary.

Consider filing these as feature request issues in the GitHub project:

New features:

  • Mentioned pages: Top (5?) pages that have received webmentions this week (in descending order of # of mentions)
    • Perhaps combine somehow with recently edited wiki pages?
  • Active Projects: Top (5?) IndieWeb related projects
    • issues+commits to relevant source code repositories (,, or possibly from a list of source repositories on the wiki, maybe all repos linked from Projects?)
  • IndieWeb tagged blog posts โ€” perhaps to backfill IndieNews up to 5 items?
    • new blog posts from community members (chat-names?) with p-category "indieweb"
    • do we actually need this rather than IndieNews, or as a backup in case there are fewer than 5 IndieNews items
  • Anniversaries โ€” things from the timeline from the past week

Enhancements to existing features

  • use Census to retrieve h-cards for domains to use their icon and name instead of domain name, e.g.: from/to:


  • Suggest Loqi remind us once 12-24 hours earlier
    • make some sort of trigger that people can do in IRC that will make Loqi regenerate it after adding to it, otherwise it's like adding things to a black box

More ideas:


Why sent on Friday

Q: Why is "This week in indieweb" sent out on Friday and not on the weekend?

A: Midday Friday is a good day and time to send out "This week in indieweb" for a number of reasons:

  • Fridays tend to be slower (in terms of getting things done) so it makes sense to use that time to capture / reflect / broadcast what's been done the rest of the week.
  • Lunchtime (Pacific Timezone) on Friday seems like a good time where (many) people in the community may be available to make last minute edits for the weekly summary.
  • Friday seems a better day to send it out, especially since it also tweets a link to it, and Saturday evening seems like not the best time to have a tweet be seen.[1]
  • Sending it on Friday is also a good encouragement for folks (especially in Europe!) to take the (rest of the) evening off.

What photos are included in the tweet

Twitter allows either exactly 1 gif, or up to 4 photos to be included in a tweet.

If there are any gifs in the newsletter, the most recent one is included in the tweet.

If there are no gifs, then the most recent 4 photos are included.

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