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site-homepage is an ongoing project to iteratively improve the site homepage to make it more responsive, and more accessible & useful to more generations. Current specific project:

See homepage for general personal homepage discussion efforts.


New live modules

New live modules which could be used to improve the apparent freshness / usefulness of the homepage (in no particular order, feel free to mention which ones you might like more).

Many inspired by the this-week newsletter and homepage

  • on this day (like on Wikipedia) - include events from timeline first, history second (could automate if those were marked up with h-event?), and maybe later allow overriding with custom pages for each day of the year?
    • most notable three things in linked sentence form (like on WP)
    • list of 6 next things (timeline, then history)
    • site births/deaths.
  • Recent events - in particular photos from four most recent events (with photos) in the past 7-14 days. Link photos to events.
  • Upcoming events - replace Sidebar (manual updates) and Main_Page#Homebrew_Website_Club & IWCs section below it by some sort of automated box maybe listing events for the next two weeks, and a calendar with days highlighted with IndieWeb related events
  • New Community Members (inspired by this-week, e.g. from 2017-09-01)
  • In the news (like Wikipedia) - recent posts about
  • Recent podcasts about
    • Maybe automate most recent "This Week in the IndieWeb" audio edition linking at least
  • New wiki pages (e.g. 10 most recently created)
  • Recently active pages (e.g. 10 most edited pages in the recent past week? 2 weeks? month?)
  • ... feel free to add more! Perhaps more ideas from homepage?


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