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2019/homepage is a project to update the IndieWeb community homepage in 2019, in particular with a three column layout designed for onboarding three common sets of visitors and new IndieWeb community members.


  • Make the onboarding flow a bit more direct and action oriented
  • Reduce the number of alternatives and the cognitive load that goes with them
    • And even for me the getting started guide was kind of mind blowing. The reason is: along the reading I was overwhelmed with alternatives.—Amani Mena on 2020-02-01
  • ...


Start collecting various key / informative steps to design & implement a three column onboarding design:

Three Main Options

  • All Users - turnkey setup, Get Started with micro.blog
  • Existing CMS users - WordPress, Drupal
  • Developers - SSG, setting up a new CMS (Known, Drupal, WordPress), DIY

Three Column Examples

Other sites with three column based onboarding designs worth reviewing and understanding:

Other Design Examples

Other sites with design that may seem applicable to aspects of the IndieWeb site, specifications, building blocks etc.


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