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Static site generators are programs that take a set of flat text files on disk and transforms them into a set of static html files ready to be served by a standard web server, or some variation of this example.


  • Long term maintenance advantages
  • Archival ready html output
  • Can be hosted on any webserver
  • No "moving parts"; nothing to break
  • Easy to get started
  • Source files can be edited on an operating system. Usually its just text files!
  • Generators are typically fairly simple programs to write and modify
  • Lots of existing options; Few are better than most
  • No database-antipattern
  • Fewer security vulnerabilities with static HTML+CSS
  • ...


  • Most SSGs are written as CLI programs and are difficult for non-technical people to learn
  • Can be difficult to install due to the use of programming language package managers
  • Most SSGs don't scale well with large data sets
  • ...

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