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Tom Doe


Tom is a web developer and occasional writer from Austria.

Chat Nickname: ttntm

Elsewhere:  @thet0m , GitHub


My name is Tom and I grew up with the internet, doing my first websites more than 15 years ago when frames and marquee tags were still state of the art and my code got hacked into Notepad or Proton predominantly. I was lucky enough to be taught C, some JavaScript and Pascal in school for some years too - Iโ€™m sure I didnโ€™t appreciate that as much back then as I do now, but it certainly provided a solid foundation.

My professional career in IT started in 2011 and I worked for telecom and IT service providers, software development companies and freelance clients since then. As of 2021, Iโ€™m working for a larger digital agency.

When Iโ€™m not in front of a screen coding, learning or playing videogames, I enjoy spending time with my family and being outside (cycling, gardening or walking for example). I also like playing boardgames with friends and spending time on DIY projects. Oh, and I really enjoy cooking.

This 'about me' was originally published at my website


My personal website where I occasionally publish articles and noteworthy learnings.

A static site currently based on Eleventy.

A free, open source movie watchlist and journal app.

Source code @ GitHub

To Do

A personal serverless recipes app that I created using Vue.js v2 in 2020.

Planning to re-write it in Vue 3 using TypeScript in 2021.


A simple task-based time tracker for everyday use.

Free and open source @ GitHub