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The IndieWeb is about owning your domain, using it as your primary identity to publish on your own site (optionally syndicate elsewhere), and owning your data.

  • You can have more than one such personal domain.
  • You could use your own domain for purely a professional identity facet, preferring to keep anything personal off the internet/web. That's totally fine.

You might:

  • Have an h-card on your home page with your contact info.
  • Link to "other profiles" from your home page with rel=me.
  • Use your domain as your identity with IndieAuth.
  • Appreciate and practice IndieWeb principles

Content hosting possibilities

  • You own your own domain but use or or some other hosted content solution to publish content (like posts) on your site. You own your permalinks so you can change hosting and (with some work) keep your permalinks working.
  • You use a full-service web site hosting service and have them maintain a WordPress or other CMS install and databases for you.
  • You use a web hosting service and maintain your own WordPress or other CMS project install, backup your content (files and/or databases) etc.

Not IndieWeb:

  • Just having a subdomain on a content hosting site, e.g.,, etc. They still own your permalinks.
  • Just having a profile page on a content hosting silo, e.g.
  • In both cases you're still subject to their policies on names and they could trivially give your name/identity away, e.g. as what happened with danah boyd and (which she did get back), or the Tower Bridge on

Get started:

Move forward:

  • Already got an indie website? Measure your IndieMark and add support for more levels!

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