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This style guide is a set of recommendations when using indieweb terminology.

Use this page to discuss writing style, disambiguation of jargon and phrases and to ask questions about terminology in efforts to remain more consistent with how others are writing about indieweb ideas and projects.

The Indie Web

  • "the Indie Web" as a noun
  • The "IndieWebCamp" event name is one word.
  • "IndieWeb" is a proper noun. It refers to the indieweb movement, which encompasses websites such as, events like IndieWebCamp, and various technologies including microformats.
  • "indieweb" is an adjective meaning "of or relating to IndieWeb".
  • "indie web" as a generic term describing an independent web [1]

from IRC

An Indie Website

i.e. a site that is part of the Indie Web.


  • Webmention the protocol is a proper noun and should be capitalized, but not CamelCase.
  • An individual webmention that someone receives is not a proper noun.
  • You can receive multiple webmentions, but Webmention can not be pluralized

Brainstorming Section


As a community we strive to use IndieWeb and IndieWebCamp for events and organizational sites such as the wiki.

IndieWeb Events

We welcome you to use the term indie web in a top level domain if you set up a website for a community event. Likewise for homebrew website clubs (hwc).

IndieWeb Services

It is best to name a service by the problem it solves rather than using IndieWeb in your top level domain.

If you build a service to support the community we welcome the use of the word indie. see indie for numerous examples from pop culture on the history of the use of the word indie in other spaces.

See Also

  • IndieWeb isn't often seen as a verb, but it's been seen creatively in the wild
  • to do: figure out a split between the page about how to use IndieWeb specific terms e.g. on the wiki and elsewhere when talking about IndieWeb, and personal site-specific style guides (like whether or not you have a colophon or use footnotes and how do you present them)