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These are the official versions of the IndieWebCamp logo. (For a personal logo for your site, see icon.)

Indie Web Camp

For other versions (size, color, file formats) and additional guidelines, see the indieweb/branding and sebilasse/indieweb-origami repos on GitHub.

Full Lockup (logomark and logotype)

PNG versions.

Full color logomark (no logotype)

  • hexcolors #FF0000, #FF5C00, #FFB100

Solid black logomark (no logotype) Black outline logomark (no logotype)

  • Logo for ti.to banner

Full color logo for ti.to tickets

Logomark (no logotype)

PNG versions.

Full color lockup Solid black lockup Black outline lockup


Square icon, e.g. used for favicon, social media profiles that square or circle profile photos etc. nested in a solid black border for contrast

IndieWebCamp profile icon from GitHub

In the wild

Made of leaves

Red, orange and yellow leaves cut out to resemble the IndieWebCamp logo.

Etched illumination

Embroidered on a bag

Photo of a linen handbag with the IndieWebCamp logo sewn into it

Indie Web

There is interest in a separate IndieWeb logo, though nothing official yet.

The most recent work is the below 2016 first proposal/draft from Shane Becker:


Why is there no "IndieWeb" logo separate from the "IndieWebCamp" logo?

There's no explicit reason. Implicitly a separate IndieWeb logo would be more work that no one has had the time to work on one iteratively until it has community consensus / acceptance.

The IndieWebCamp logo was a volunteer effort in the first place, first by co-founder Crystal Beasley, then updated by Shane Becker to the current logo in use.

We also switched everything from being all "IndieWebCamp" (e.g. IRC, indiewebcamp.com) to "IndieWeb", *after* the iteration of the IndieWebCamp logo, so the need (for a separate "IndieWeb" logo) didnโ€™t really become apparent until after the fact.


First draft Indie Web logomark (logotype, lockup and colors would come after this mark is finalized) by Shane Becker (2016-10-31).

Indie Web hexagon logomark design, first draft, by Shane Becker


  • Please add your feedback here. Shane Becker
  • I am looking for an official logo, and I like the idea of something that can be a small 16 x 16ish icon. This would work if the colors were right Ted Tschopp
  • Years late to the party, but I think this is splendid and would look great as an icon. Would love to see an SVG version. Ross A. Baker

Community Contributions

Alternative IndieWeb logo approaches from community members. Feel free to add your own!

  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery... designed by Malcolm Blaney:

Homebrew Website Club


Where are all the Homebrew Website Club logos?



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