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Buttons (badges, logos, banners) that you can use to link to indieweb.org.


Main article: logo

Full color logomark (no logotype)

For other versions (size, color, file formats), see the indieweb/branding repo on GitHub.


indiewebcamp-button.png as an SVG indiewebcamp-button.svg

webmention-button.png as an SVG webmention-button.svg

microformats-button.png as an SVG microformats-button.svg

These need to be updated to the new logo.

im-attending-indiewebcamp.png im-attending-indiewebcamp.png
im-building-indiewebcamp.png im-building-indiewebcamp.png

Community Contributions

IndieWeb from Jeena


... more ...

Feel free to upload your own IndieWeb or IndieWebCamp related logos and embed them here!



Webmentions Accepted

Idea: an I ❤️ Webmentions or Webmentions accepted ✅ button to indicate your site accepts webmentions.

Link the button to your webmention endpoint with a query param of the page its on as the default target.

Have your webmention endpoint present a form UI to submit a webmention with the target auto-filled in with the default target from abovementioned link.

Use-case: Webmention-faq#How_do_you_know_if_a_website_uses_webmentions.3F


For some old school web fun, if your site passes the tests at Indiewebify.me, one could add a button to their site with a link to Indiewebify.me and/or to the link indicating that their site passed. (Contextual note: many of these old buttons were originally used to indicate that a site used certain specifications or passed certain validation tests.)

80x15 button with an orange box containing a + sign on the left and the pixelated word INDIEWEBIFIED on the right.

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