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Aaron Parecki is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp.


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indieweb support

See p3k

working on

I'm working on building the following building blocks of the Indie Web

I'm building indieweb functionality into my personal site, p3k

figured out

Things I feel like I've figured out pretty well, have shipped on my own site, can depend on, and am available to help explain to others.


Below are some general itches that are before the stage of turning into action items for p3k or other projects. For a more immediate list of things that will end up in my site soon, see: p3k#Itching

  • Monocle - an IndieWeb reader modeled after how I live in IRC
  • Shoebox - a photo/media server, used as a Media Endpoint and to replace my use of Flickr, and Soundcloud
  • community event calendar/aggregator
  • private groups - wanting to communicate privately with some group of people. Since 2014 I have been finding private/secret Facebook groups very useful for certain things. How does this translate onto our individual sites?
  • Mention App
  • archive to wayback machine
    • some time after publishing posts on my site, send a ping to the wayback machine to trigger archiving it
    • send a ping for any pages that I link to
  • gopher server for IndieNews as a follow-up to

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