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The second annual IndieWebCampUK was held at Lighthouse, Brighton on 2013-09-07 to 2013-09-08, directly after dConstruct and in parallel with mini maker faire.


  • See Photos from the event, link your own
  • Archive all the session etherpads into wiki pages, tidy up and distill into new/existing pages


Other URL(s) (for convenience only - to attend you must sign-up on the Guest List)


IndieWebCampUK is being organized by:

Want to help out?

  • Contact an organizer or sign-up to Volunteer!
  • Check the #To-do list below to see if there's something you can help out with.


  • ...

Guest List

  • Capacity: 30
  • Attending: 30 (29 creators, 1 apprentice)
  • Spots available: 0 - add yourself to the waiting list below in case a spot opens up, or remote-participate
  • Currently checked in: 26 (✓)

To sign-up on the guest list, log in to this wiki with your domain and add yourself!

IndieWebCamp is for active creators only in order to focus the limited time we have on productive real world discussions and code/design/ux sharing that will help us move forward.

Attendees must actively use a personal domain name, or be an apprentice to someone who has one in order to attend.

Want to help out with IndieWebCamp? Volunteer!


RSVP below to participate in IndieWebCampUK 2013 as a creator:

All 30 places are taken, please add yourself either to the Waiting List or Remote Participation lists. Based on previous experience it’s likely that there will be last-minute cancellations, so there's a good chance you'll get in — and if not, there’s plenty of other great stuff going on in Brighton over the weekend, so there’s no harm in dropping by to see if there’s space.

Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
photo.jpg Aaron Parecki (Esri) ✓ aaronparecki.com IndieAuth, Webmention and Pingback API, Photo Archiver, webmention @aaronpk, github.com/aaronpk
photo.jpg Alf Eaton hublog.hubmed.org Looking for a standard format for JSON feeds @invisiblecomma GitHub
caseorganic-indieweb-128px.jpg Amber Case (Esri) ✓ caseorganic.com/ @caseorganic
amc.jpg Amir Chaudhry ✓ (Nymote) amirchaudhry.com Creating infrastructure to help users reclaim their digital lives. @amirmc, github.com/amirmc, OCaml Labs
4153a54eafbdc1bdd9b7e5621d7c2427.png Andy Dennis dennisimo.com @dennisimo, GitHub

aral-128.jpg Aral Balkan ✓ (Prometheus) aralbalkan.com/ @aral
5d5a4d-Facing-Down_100x100xCR.jpg Barnaby Walters waterpigs.co.uk Taproot (indieweb publishing software running my personal site), POSSE Helpers, Indieweb Reply @barnabywalters, github.com/barnabywalters
fa273befbb36b0323044fcf035b7ee39.png Blaine Cook ✓ (Poetica) romeda.org Long time listener, first time caller. @blaine


8505f81b602164ad6b914cb8b8f7e6d1.png Bjarni Runar Einarsson ✓ (The Beanstalks Project) bre.klaki.net Created PageKite to allow folks to run public servers on personal devices, launched the Mailpile project. @HerraBRE


alert-brennannovak.png Brennan Novak ✓ (Mailpile) brennannovak.com Social-Igniter (indieweb publishing software running my personal site) @brennannovak, Mailpile

Brian Suda http://suda.co.uk/
120px-xtof_pic.jpg Christophe Ducamp christopheducamp.com selfdogfooding on Scrivener (local editor : MarkDown syntax + export 2 web) 2 branches xtof.me/b (Wordpress) + xtof.me/w (mediawiki). Would be happy to migrate around Jekyll and/or Publify @xtof_fr, Non programmer, french learner and enthusiast to translate some wiki-pages. Currently porting indieweb values and data-empowerment around 2 french NPO-thinktanks MesInfos & MyDataLabs(group-seeding)
new-corey-mug-small.jpg Corey Pein http://coreypein.net/ I'm a writer more than a tinkerer, I like what I see here. I was attempting POSSE on my personal site and at warisbusiness.com before I knew there was a special acronym for it. @coreypein, github.com/coreyp,
photo-small-128.png Glenn Jones glennjones.net microformats-node,


0f21734c5383cd5d49234fba7a6b2131.png Jason Garber sixtwothree.org Github

5ad82c5ba0264363974af89deb743c20.png Jeremy Keith http://adactio.com Github
b30ce50678f0e934eaa6697425c59dd7.png Julien Genestoux ✓ (Superfeedr) ouvre-boite.com Making 'following' things on the web easier. PubSubHubbub, SubToMe Twitter

github ADN

LZ-bw-trasp-100.png Leonardo Zangrando http://lionzan.me/ just started to reclaim my online identity, I identify myself 100% with IWC ideas. just deployed a Jekyll site on aws S3, but not a programmer, just tweaking existing code :[] + working on a project to keep your own mailserver at home. @lionzan, FB Leo Zan, github.com/lionzan
275ccd7a099e05a1067f5c484e39b4b2.jpg Luis Abreu lmjabreu.com @lmjabreu


gluewein_small1.jpg Marcus Povey marcus-povey.co.uk various @mapkyca, github.com/mapkyca

s86.gif Michal Stefanow michalstefanow.com Barely scratched the surface. Longer term: sustainability, full control, autonomy, off-the-grid. @stefek99, github.com/stefek99
167.png Mime Čuvalo http://nightlight.ws/ Hello, world. github.com/mimecuvalo, @cuv82
15091a37bacfa4bdd011282627eaca2b?size=80.png Paul Lloyd paulrobertlloyd.com Barebones: Initial directory setup, style guide and pattern primer. @paulrobertlloyd, GitHub, Dribbble
0b6a41604162fdc38846fb002274ae4c.png Pelle Wessman http://kodfabrik.se/ RelSpider @voxpelli


041bde893110e7826bee8e51e3a68c2b.png Robin Taylor badgermind.net Looking for ways to share photographs @badgermind


a6af2c09103913255f2be27fb0d84b58.png Shane Hudson shanehudson.net @shanehudson


f04241571d95d005e4a54f4278670718.png Smári McCarthy smarimccarthy.is Working on Mailpile project and various other things.. @smarimc


logo.jpg Tantek Çelik ✓ (Mozilla) http://tantek.com/ CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth @t, github.com/tantek
4f6e68dd137bf7aec5dabdc0f1697928.png Tom Atkins ✓ (Keybits) knitatoms.net Currently launching a blog and documentation for people wanting to run a personal server. See keybits.net for more info. Would love to talk / present about this. @knitatoms



If you don't have your own domain, or have not set it up with indieauth, but want to do so, find someone on the guest list to be your master and sign you up here as their apprentice:

Sorted by name, with columns for personal URL (if any), Creator, more info.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Apprentice Of More info
nicolas.png Nicolas Bermond Nicolas Bermond Christophe Ducamp @nicolas2fr; 50A founder
sebastien.png Sebastien Fanals Sebastien Fanals Brian Suda
hadley-beeman.jpg Hadley Beeman http://hadleybeeman.net Kevin Marks @hadleybeeman

a0d8bb6c0ec8f39f5cd9b54297e14a01_bigger.jpeg Tom Ashworth http://phuu.net Barnaby Walters @phuunet

1c802eb8e5826846011f24169941480b_bigger.png Ayse Kongur http://kongur.co.uk Tantek Çelik @kongroove
avatar_1af962f74269_128.png Simon Willison http://blog.simonwillison.net/ Jeremy Keith @simonw
jimpurbrick.jpg Jim Purbrick http://jimpurbrick.com/ Jeremy Keith @JimPurbrick
profile_pic2.jpg Sam Machin http://sammachin.com/ Aaron Parecki @sammachin, callme demo

Waiting List

If you missed getting a spot but are still interested in coming, add yourself to the bottom of the waiting list. It’s likely that there will be last-minute cancellations and there’s a possibility that we might be able to get some extra people in, so if you’re in town please do drop by and see if there’s a space.

You are also very welcome to remote-participate — we’ll have etherpads, IRC and probably some sort of video/audio feed.

Sorted by order added, with columns for personal URL (if any), Creator, more info.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
mike.png Mike Atkins keybits.net Brother of Tom Atkins (above) working with him on Keybits
8c54891633e0c7e049d81f8b1dae891e.jpg David Kendal http://dpk.io/ Various projects, including Publish Jr. which runs davidkendal.net Maybe Sunday only. github.com/dpkendal.
mET4tAM.jpg Boris Smus http://smus.com/ Lightning. See blog.
km.jpg Kevin Marks http://www.kevin-marks.com/ Noter Live. my blog.

Picture-8-blog.png Josh Russell http://joshrussell.com @joshr
19f41001b5cb0b4bae90660e8696a177.png Ben Ward http://benward.me @benward

Remote Participants

We'll try to setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Useful links:

  • [plus.google.com/hangouts/_/f78618cbdafa66c60c8c37de7a89fbef6f364d93 Google+ Hangout]
  • etherpad root (more pads will be added for individual sessions)
Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
64a4d7587e6e3db5b5ff8152b25eb1bc?s=128&d=mm&r=g&fext=.jpg Sandeep Shetty http://sandeep.io Really Simple Social Blogging, Converspace, WebMention, otxt github.com/sandeepshetty, github.com/converspace, github.com/phpish, @sandeepshetty
2763d87b1843f2d116e006b6039133a3?s=128&d=mm&r=g&fext=.jpg Frédéric de Villamil http://t37.net Publify Projects on GH, @fdevillamil
photo.jpg Matthias Pfefferle http://notizblog.org/ Webfinger for WordPress (on github), Webmention for WordPress, Pubsubhubbub for WordPress (on github) @pfefferle, github.com/pfefferle
00000000000000000000000000000000?d=mm&f=y&s=128&m=.jpg href http://jordan.io - -


  • redirect the Sidebar "IndieWebCamp Events" quick links to specific sections/pages for IndieWebCampUK 2013, e.g. 2013/UK/Schedule.
  • create Plancast event and add to top section where it says Plancast URL

Event Details

See the full schedule


We have booked two rooms at the Lighthouse, ‘The Digital Lounge’ which is big enough to take 30 people around tables. We also have a separate meeting room, which can take about 15 people around tables. Lighthouse have allowed us a maximum of 30 attendee’s due to other events in the building.


Some of us are up for meeting for an informal dinner on Friday evening (maybe around 19:30, a little after the dConstruct after-party). Tentative location: Gourmet Burger Kitchen [1]



Brainstorming day. Spaces for Saturday include:

  • The Digital Lounge
    • 10:00 to 15:00 Indiewebcamp
    • 16:00 to 18:00 ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ film screening
  • Meeting Room
    • 10:00 to 18:00 Indiewebcamp


Hacking & creating day. Spaces for Sunday include:

  • The Digital Lounge
    • 10:00 to 18:00 Indiewebcamp
  • Meeting Room
    • 10:00 to 18:00 Indiewebcamp

Sunday evening

If you're still around after IndieWebCamp, some of us are up for meeting for an informal dinner or drinks on Sunday evening. Location unspecified as yet.


Projectors and Wifi

The rooms are fitted with ceiling mounted data projectors and Lighthouse will give us access to their guest wifi.


We have a sponsor to provide snacks and drinks during the day, but you will have to find somewhere for your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. The venue is in central Brighton where there are lots of great places for us all to go and eat.


We are looking at getting hold of whiteboards pen paper etc

Nearby events

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