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Microsub 2021 was an IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2021 session.


Let's work through and discuss some of the open issues on the Microsub spec issue tracker and find implementers.




Archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/microsub-popup

  • Microsub is an early editor's draft. How do we move it to living standard? - Look at what has 2 publishers/consumers and whatever that is would be stable. Someone would have to do this.
  • How do we shift the paradigm to follow people, not feeds?
  • How does the spec do this? Feeds are a technical implementation.
    • What could we do to standardize the user interaction to refocus?
    • On the Publisher side, micro.blog assumes when you are following a person's micro.blog account you are following all of their feeds.
      • micro.blog lets you follow a domain name, and it picks one feed from their home page to follow
      • prefers jsonfeed, excludes wordpress comment feeds
    • Spec could focus on entering h-card url and endpoint could figure out how to derive feeds from h-card.
    • Could Microsub make recommendations to publishers to indicate which is a good "primary" feed to follow?
    • Long question of how publishers mark up feeds to indicate what they are so Microsub can take those recommendations.
    • Search parameter should be explained that it does not need to be a URL. But the results would not necessarily be feeds coming from a URL.
      • Aperture tries to turn search text into a URL. Yarns always assumes a URL.
      • Recommendation to have clients emphasize the author property of feeds over the URL.
      • Change URL in search to optionally opaque UID, so there is no representation of the feed URL in the search response.
  • How to Give a Microsub server access to private posts for its user(https://github.com/indieweb/microsub/issues/1) - This is not strictly a Microsub issue, but there is a lot of interest. Assuming your Microsub endpoint is not tightly integrated with other endpoints, there needs to be some way to either pass info to it, or for the Microsub to request it. - Tabled, possibly for IndieAuth session

Next steps:

  • Check on implementation status of all features in the spec to determine which features can be considered stable/core
  • Implement things we promised during this session


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David Shanske as of now is wide open thru the summer.

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