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David Shanske is an Indieweb enthusiast from New York, working on Indieweb WordPress plugin development.

Nickname in IRC: GWG.

Current Progress

  • Site uses WordPress
  • Offers a shortener version/redirect at

Wordpress Development

  • Contributor to the 'official' Indieweb Plugin which helps you establish your identity online and installs various Indieweb-themed plugins. It is designed for newcomers to quickly get up and running.
  • Frequent Contributor to the Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugins.
  • Starter theme for Indieweb WordPress sites
  • Post Kinds Plugin Plugin - Adds support to Wordpress posts for actions such as like, reply, etc. in a manner similar to Post Formats
  • Syndication Links Plugin adds post metadata in the Wordpress post editor to add syndication data to posts. It also adds code to display the syndication links once entered. It supports extension by outside plugins and has built-in support for several.
  • Simple Location plugin - adds location support to WordPress, rewrite in process
  • Bridgy Publish plugin - Simple support to the posting UI for Bridgy Publish.

WordPress for Indieweb

One of the smallest yet largest issues is how to integrate Indieweb concepts into WordPress. WordPress has its own way of doing things, and one of the hardest things is to plan things out so they neatly integrate into the system. While WordPress is designed to be extensible, replacing large amounts of core functionality creates implementation issues in the long term.

The challenge, which I and others continue to refine, is to come up with ways to add Indieweb functionality in the least invasive way possible, so that a current user of WordPress could easily add support to their site.

Working On

  • Periodically performing bug fixes and minor enhancements to active plugins based on filed issues. Sometimes I get an itch to just knock some issues out of the Github list.

Long term...Each step below is necessary before moving on to the next step.

Hoping to Get to Someday

  • Add redirect to profile image regardless of image name change
  • Unified POSSE/syndication support that is triggered in the WordPress Post UI or by Micropub.
  • Adding venue support to Simple Location plugin.
  • Continuing to refine the plugins created for WordPress and add more functionality for myself and others.
  • Owning my bookmarks - The primary reason I don't own my bookmarks is the lack of a seamless path to posting from my Android phone, which is where I do a great deal of reading. Would also need to import old bookmarks from Pinboard. I've bookmarked nearly 40,000 things in there, not sure I should even start importing those.
  • Better Support for media, watch, listen, jam...needs improvement in display
  • Event posting