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The Post Kinds Plugin is a WordPress plugin that adds support for responding and interacting with other sites to WordPress. It does this by implementing post kinds.

For the general concept of "Post Kinds", see:

The Post Kinds Plugin makes it clear when your post is a reply or a like of someone else's post. It can also distinguish notes, articles and photos in a manner similar to WordPress post formats.



There are other ways to achieve the same results in WordPress...for example, marking up your content with microformats manually within the post editor.

The Post Kinds plugin aims to simplify by a 'fill in the blanks' approach to post kinds within the WordPress post editor. It adds in the fields and settings, making it easier to create new posts.

The latest version in development will also support displaying additional microformat properties stored as post metadata that may not have the added fields in the WordPress Post UI.


The plugin creates a taxonomy called Kind, which consists of post kinds such as Reply, Repost, RSVP, Like, Favorite, and Bookmark. It then adds post metadata boxes to the WordPress post editor for a URL, a title, author, author photo, publisher, and citation/excerpt. This allows a post to act as a response to another post, quote, etc.

The design of the plugin has gone through several revisions, but currently, the model for Post Kinds in terms of behavior is similar to the Post Formats feature of WordPress, except with an Indieweb focus.

The post uses the Webmention Plugin to send webmentions to any URL it is responding to.

Archive Pages

The plugin automatically creates archive pages for the various post types which can be accessed by visiting (or by replacing "note" with the names of any of the other kinds.)


RSS feeds can be made available or subscribed to for any of the particular kinds using the following example: (or by replacing "note" with the other kinds including: article, bookmark, favorite, jam, like, listen, photo, read, recipe, reply, repost, watch, and wish.

Future Plans

Development and issues are logged in the Github repository at

The current version in development will change the plugin to be able to use an increased variety of microformat properties stored as post meta, even if those properties are not available as one of the fields supported in the WordPress post editor.

This will allow Micropub clients to be used to extend the functionality of the plugin without adding to the WordPress interface.

Indieweb Taxonomy

The Post Kinds plugin was formerly called the Indieweb Taxonomy plugin. The name was changed as part of a rewrite. You should uninstall Taxonomy in favor of the new version if you have it installed.

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