Tumblr Crosspostr

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Tumblr Crosspostr is a POSSE plugin for WordPress that allows one to send posts from a self-hosted WordPress install to Tumblr.

Tumblr Crosspostr posts to Tumblr whenever you hit the โ€œPublishโ€ (or โ€œSave Draftโ€) button. It can import your reblogs on Tumblr as native WordPress posts. It even downloads the images in your Photo posts and saves them in the WordPress Media Library.

  • Transform your WordPress website into a back-end for Tumblr.
  • Create original posts using WordPress, but publish them to Tumblr.
  • Import your Tumblr reblogs automatically.
  • Always have a portable copy (a running backup) of your entire Tumblr blog.

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