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WordPress uf2 is a WordPress plugin to add microformats2 to your WordPress theme. If your theme declares microformats 2 support explicitly, this plugin's code will not be used.


The development repo for the plugin can be found on Github.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my site display <span class='p-author h-card'>Author</span> when this plugin is used?
As described in this issue, this plugin is meant to attempt to add additional microformats support to WordPress themes. Unfortunately there is only so much that can be hooked into to provide proper support using a plugin whereas a theme has more direct access. Another frequent issue, like the one illustrated here, is that some themes can escape the output of other plugins and thus the display is affected.
Generally this happens with some themes like Independent Publisher which have some better support for microformats, but which don't explicitly indicate that they do. The best current advice in these cases is that you disable the WordPress uf2 plugin so you don't see this escaped output. Depending on your theme, you may wish to explicitly provide your own code to better support microformats instead.
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