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IndieWeb Examples

Below is a list of active (or semi-active) Indieweb community members using WordPress on their own personal sites. You might find them on web chat, Slack, IRC, or Matrix (potentially in the #Indieweb-WordPress channel) to ask about their experience (or for help).

  • Matthew Mullenweg (creator/founder, originally at photomatt.net, now at http://ma.tt) continuously since project start! (selfdogfood)
  • Chris McLeod on mrkapowski.com/, since 2018
    • Custom theme (in development for public release)
    • Bridgy for POSSE of certain posts to Twitter
    • Manual cross-post to Instagram (posting to own site first)
    • Using most of the IndieWeb plugins.
  • User:Cambridgeport90.org, currently using Wordpress for her main site at Kat's blog with the default Autonomie theme. Using all of the Indieweb plugins. Posts are combined for now into this single site.

Other independents using WordPress on their primary site

Using on one of their sites

People using WordPress on a secondary site.

Past Examples

Folks have opted to switch away from WordPress for various reasons (e.g. problems noted above). They seem to switch to one of three options, one indieweb, and two silo.

  • static site generator or some other IndieWeb project
  • silo: WordPress.com hosting service (see below)
  • other silo: e.g. Tumblr (others?)

Switched to another project

There are many folks with personal sites that have kept their personal site and webhost, but switched away from WordPress to another solution, e.g. typically a static site generator:

Many others have switched to Jekyll or are in the process of doing so, e.g.:

  • Crystal Beasley - per recent (2013-11) conversation on IRC
  • Manton Reece was using WordPress on his primary site for several years prior to building micro.blog and then transferring his data there.
  • Shane Hudson (2013 UK) on shanehudson.net
    • Currently (Jan 2014) using built in post formats to add bookmarks/links privately, experimenting with making these public (as well as an app to post them easier) as well as POSSE'ing tweets and hopefully photos etc too.
    • Migrated site to Craft CMS
  • Greg Baker on gnb.io
    • Child of Hyalite in use (selfdogfooding)
    • Indieweb plugins used, together with post formats, Zapier and others.
    • Work in progress, full outline here.
    • Site no longer resolves as of early 2020

  • Folks that were on WordPress that have moved to Tumblr
    • Micki Krimmel
    • ...
  • others beforehand ...

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