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Peter Molnar

The Present

Before the dawn of time - or a proper domain - I went through a cycle of Microsoft FrontPage, a self-composed, PHP CMS, WordPress, and now I'm back on static(ish) site generation since 2016.

Reasoning, lessons, conclusions:

Active projects

Abandoned projects

  • wp-webmention-again - an alternative webmentions plugin for WordPress. It's most probably broken by now.
  • Blogroll2email- turns the Blogroll part of WordPress to feed (atom, rss, mf2) parser to send entries as mail; supports granary json-mf2 format
  • wp-shortslug - use pubdate epoch converted to base36 (0-9a-z) as short permalink
  • wp-flatbackups - an auto-exporter for WordPress, creating a flat, directory based copy of YAML + Markdown (and/or HTML) of every post. This can't be imported, just servers as a fallback plan for longevity.
  • wp-url2snapshot - to have a backup copy of a linked website, the plugin pulls in an html-only version of every link it can find in any post content and stores it for potential future use. In case a link is not snapshotted yet and is not available on the web anymore, it tries to fall back to the last available version on
  • Keyring Reactions Importers a reactions (like, fav, comment, etc ) importer for various silos