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Peter Molnar

The Present

Before the dawn of time - or a proper domain - I went through a cycle of Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, a self-composed PHP CMS, WordPress, and now I'm back on static(ish) site generation since 2016. The project is called Not Another Static Generator: it's Python 3, it's quite ugly, and it uses,, Telegraph, unmung, Superfeedr, and Aperture to be indieweb-friendly.

Reasoning, lessons, conclusions

Experiments, and self-inflicted injuries

  • to see if JSON-LD with makes sense, everything that renders into HTML has a JSON-LD with representation in the Python code. This JSON-LD is what gets sent to the HTML template. It's more painful, than it sounds, but Google mostly says my structured data is reasonable. The background on this is to keep up with how to make content search engine friendly these days, mostly for non-personal projects.

What's on the site and what's not (and why)

Currently it's only the home for:

  • longer, IT related articles
  • long journal entries, mostly about travel
  • replies
  • rare short entries
  • photos

The outsourced bits:

  • bookmarks - wallabag does a spectacular job at archiving bookmarks including text- and image content without the overhead of storing the real original content
  • reposts - reposts are messy, legally and technically
  • likes, favorites, etc - they don't make sense out of context, but in order to have an archival copy, I made silo.PASTA. It's a PASTA approach to save favs (and similar data)from various silos.

Abandoned projects

  • wp-webmention-again - an alternative webmentions plugin for WordPress. It's most probably broken by now.
  • Blogroll2email- turns the Blogroll part of WordPress to feed (atom, rss, mf2) parser to send entries as mail; supports granary json-mf2 format
  • wp-shortslug - use pubdate epoch converted to base36 (0-9a-z) as short permalink
  • wp-flatbackups - an auto-exporter for WordPress, creating a flat, directory based copy of YAML + Markdown (and/or HTML) of every post. This can't be imported, just servers as a fallback plan for longevity.
  • wp-url2snapshot - to have a backup copy of a linked website, the plugin pulls in an html-only version of every link it can find in any post content and stores it for potential future use. In case a link is not snapshotted yet and is not available on the web anymore, it tries to fall back to the last available version on
  • Keyring Reactions Importers a reactions (like, fav, comment, etc ) importer for various silos

Topics for next IWC (or something similar)

  • OPML / following shares - format, how, what, what not to, what to do with NSFW or private parts
  • follow up Jeremy Keith's idea of licence discovery for reposting