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Aperture is an open source Microsub server developed by Aaron Parecki. It is currently in beta, and you can sign up at https://aperture.p3k.io.

It can be used with any Microsub client such as Monocle and Together (web) or Indigenous (iOS and Android).


WordPress plugin

As of 2018-08-13, there is a WordPress plugin available to assist with adding Aperture support to WordPress by auto-registering one's site and adding the appropriate microsub endpoint to one's website header. This prevents one from needing to sign up at https://aperture.p3k.io and manually adding the endpoint. The development version of the plugin is available on GitHub where issues can be filed. This plugin does not add microsub support to WordPress.

Using with Known

  1. In another browser tab, sign in to Aperture using your Known site. You will be given a html fragment.
  2. Install the Custom JavaScript plugin as per instructions and enable it from the plugins page on your site.
  3. Navigate to the new "Custom Javascript" tab that appeared above the plugins list and place the fragment in the "Header code" textarea. Then Save the page.
  4. Back in Aperture, it's now possible to add new sources to Channels.

You might have to restart your Microsub reader to pick up on the changes.

Articles about Aperture


WebSub support

Q: Does Aperture support WebSub?

A: Not yet (as of 2018-05-02).

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