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Monocle is an open source IndieWeb-enabled reader developed by Aaron Parecki.

On April 26, 2016, Monocle was taken offline potentially to come back in a different incarnation in the future.


  • Main UI paradigm is channels like an IRC client
  • Sidebar of channel list (hidden on small screens, slides out from the left)
    • see for an example
  • Each channel stores its logs as files on disk, using QuartzDB
    • this means once a post is written to a channel it won't move, like an IRC log
  • Core Monocle API only supports writing to channels, reading, and streaming. No feed parsing logic is in the core
  • all content is sent to the channels as Micropub posts, which can include author information to make the post in the channel appear to be written by anyone
  • feed parsers and other sources are written as external services

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