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Monocle is an open source IndieWeb-enabled reader developed by Aaron Parecki. It is a Microsub client, and so it does not handle any feed parsing or storage on its own.

Source code:


The main channel list in Monocle.

Monocle has a mobile-friendly view as well!

Monocle displays multi-photo posts.


  • Main UI paradigm is channels like an IRC client
  • Sidebar of channel list (hidden on small screens, slides out from the left)
  • Monocle does not store any data itself, it is only a frontend to a Microsub server


Previously, Monocle was launched as a full reader and feed parser, but in April 26, 2016 was taken offline. Development was restarted in 2018 and Monocle is now purely a front-end for a Microsub server.

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