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Microsub is an early draft of a spec that provides a standardized way for clients to consume and interact with feeds collected by a server.

Main article: Microsub-spec

Microsub decouples managing subscriptions and delivering content from the presentation of that content. The Microsub server handles the actual subscription to feeds, (likely using WebSub), while providing a consistent API to clients for presentation in a reader interface.

If your website is compatible with Microsub, then you can use any Microsub client to read your timeline and follow people.

Decoupling the idea of displaying posts from actually fetching remote feeds makes it simpler to build a reader client.

A short verbal discussion of what it does can be heard here on Aaron Parecki's Percolator podcast

IndieWeb Examples



Together is an in-development Microsub reader. Source code at https://github.com/cleverdevil/together/ and an online preview at https://alltogethernow.io


Indigenous is a set of in-development native iOS and Android Microsub reader apps.


Indigenous for iOS is a native iOS Microsub reader app built by Eddie Hinkle


Indigenous for Android is a native Android Microsub reader app built by Kristof De Jaeger


Monocle is an in-development Microsub reader web app built by Aaron Parecki. If you have a Microsub server, you can use the hosted version at https://monocle.p3k.io




See Microsub-spec#Brainstorming

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